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Residential Carpet Cleaning: Importance and the Complete Guide

Residential Carpet Cleaning: Importance and the Complete Guide

Most of the households in Adelaide install carpets for the comfort and the beautiful look, they give to the property. While carpets are an excellent choice of flooring, they come with intricate cleaning techniques and maintenance. Depending on the carpet traffic, it is recommended that the carpets be vacuumed one to two times a week and professionally cleaned once every six to eighteen months. It is very important to take care of the carpets at home.

Why carpet cleaning?

Uncleaned carpets can cause serious health issues. Without cleaning, carpets can become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mites and other harmful beings and if you have kids and pets in the home, they can easily lead to various diseases and infections. It is important to note that vacuuming is not enough to remove those parasites from the carpets.

Moreover, if any of the household members have breathing conditions like asthma, dust and bacteria accumulated in the carpets could make it worse.  Unclean carpets can disrupt the airflow in the room, weird as it is. With time, the carpets will start to give off a stuffy, unpleasant smell. All of these can lead to new allergies.

The manufacturer’s warranty becomes invalid if the carpet is not taken care of properly. Therefore, it is important to follow the manual and follow the cleaning regime.

As we have seen before, neglecting carpet cleaning can end up damaging the carpet permanently and above all, pose serious health consequences, if unattended.

The Carpet Care Routine

It would be nice if outdoor shoes are removed before entering the carpeted floor. If ignored, the dirt and bacteria from under the outdoor shoes can start building on the carpet compromising health and carpet quality. Getting a doormat can be useful as it will capture the dirt before entering the carpet.

Getting furniture shoes and fitting them to the furniture will help in avoiding any damages furniture pressure can have on the carpet floor. Moreover, vacuuming twice a week can remove any dirt even before they build.

Get Professional Help, once in a while.

Getting professional help when needed is crucial for the carpet, and for the residents. Getting an experienced cleaner for the carpet is important to get the job done in a satisfactory manner. We, at Ivory Cleaning Services, provide carpet cleaning service with superior quality and at an affordable rate. Contact for a personalized quote.

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Which PSI Need for Outdoor Pressure Washing Adelaide

A pressure washer has a number of uses around the residential or commercial property. Because of their uses, pressure washers are very versatile. There are countless options for pressure washers in the market. All you need is to pick the most suitable one. Most importantly, you need to choose the right psi for pressure cleaning services in Adelaide, no matter residential or commercial.

Each type of pressure washer has its unique advantages and disadvantages. For that purpose, you need to compare the specs and features of different types to select the best one.

Choosing the right PSI for pressure washers matters the most. It depends on how strong the chemical bond is. The stronger the chemical bond, the higher the PSI you will need. Wondering which psi is needed for outdoor pressure washing Adelaide?

In this article, we will cover everything you need to consider for pressure washing Adelaide.

How Do You Choose the Right PSI for a Pressure Washer?

Water pressure is measured in Pounds per Square Inch (PSI). We understand it can be very difficult for you to choose the right PSI for a pressure washer. As a pressure washer can be used for a range of applications, you need to make a well-informed decision.

If there is a stronger bond between the surfaces and stains, make sure to select a pressure washer with higher PSI. Gallons Per Minute (GPM) is another important factor you need to consider for commercial pressure washing Adelaide.

PSI Needed to Work on Certain Projects

As discussed before, you can use a pressure washer for different projects. The PSI setting for pressure washing varies from project to project. Some of the most common projects or applications include:

  • Cleaning vinyl: 1300 to 1600 PSI
  • Concrete driveway cleaning: 3000 PSI
  • Cleaning cars: 1200 to 1900 PSI
  • Paint stripping: 4000 PSI
  • Deck cleaning: 2600 to 4000 PSI
  • BBQ grills: 1400 to 3000 PSI

It can be seen there are varying PSI settings for different projects. For that purpose, you should never overlook the importance of choosing the right PSI for your cleaning needs. As you have a better idea of the PSI, you can use the right one on certain projects.

Some Common Applications of Pressure Washers

As discussed above, pressure washers are very versatile. They can be used for a number of residential and commercial projects. Some of the common projects include washing driveways, sidewalks, pathways, and decks. However, each project come up with its unique pressure washing requirements. Therefore, you need to choose the right PSI setting for each application.

Pressure Washing Your Home

No doubt, different parts of your home have different pressure cleaning requirements. For example, you cannot use the same PSI for washing driveways and washing decks. If you want to pressure wash your home, the best way is to access the condition of your property.

Most importantly, consider the materials your home is made from. If your house is made from brick, the recommended PSI for pressure wash ranges from 1600 to 2000 PSI. Also, you need to be extra vigilant while washing the mortar between your brickwork.

If you face it difficult to clean an area at this pressure, make sure to use a hard brush and some detergent. As a result, they can help lift the stains and wash them off with the right PSI.

Pressure Washing Driveways, Sidewalks, Pathways, and Asphalt

With a good clean, you can give your concrete driveway a new life. This is where the right PSI for washing driveways, sidewalks and pathways comes in handy. You need to be careful when choosing the PSI for pressure washing. That’s simply because extreme pressure can push water into the porous underlayer. It can cause several problems later on in the year when the temperature drops.

Do you want to restore the condition of your driveways, sidewalks, pathways and asphalt? A PSI setting of 2300-3000 PSI is recommended. Make sure to stick to this setting for driveway cleaning Adelaide.

Pressure Washing Wood, Decking and Fencing

Undoubtedly, decks need a different PSI setting than driveways. You cannot opt for the same PSI setting for two different materials. Remember, the wrong PSI can cause potential damages to the wood surfaces.

Most importantly, it is recommended to treat the wood surface before pressure wash. As a result, it can help prevent the wood from going rotten.

For wood surface cleaning, 1300-2300 PSI is an ideal pressure setting. Also, be aware when washing chipboard. This type of wood surface has a brittle nature. So. a pressure washer can cut holes into chipboard. For that reason, it is better not to use a pressure washer for this kind of wood.

Choosing the correct pressure is very important. It depends on the object or surface you want to clean. Light dust can be washed away using 1000 PSI. On the other hand, you may need a pressure setting of 4000 PSI for heavy stains. For that purpose, hire a professional cleaning company for pressure washing.

Are you searching for pressure cleaning near me?

At Ivory Cleaning Services, our experienced team offers reliable pressure washing. Depending on the condition of your property, we will choose the right equipment. Our top-of-the-line pressure washing machines make us the leading cleaning company. With extensive experience, we have been helping local clients for many years. No job is too big or too small for us. Whether you want to clean your driveways or decks, look no further than the expert team at Ivory Cleaning Services.

Driveway cleaning Adelaide comes with unique challenges. Only expert hands can handle the cleaning task. You can rely on our experts to offer reliable pressure washing services. Whether you want to sell your property or just enhance its curb appeal, pressure wash is the way to go. One of our expert team members will come to your house and access the cleaning needs. As a result, it helps us customize pressure wash cleaning solutions to suit your needs.

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Is Professional End of Lease Cleaning in Adelaide a legal requirement for a full bond back?

Is Professional End of Lease Cleaning in Adelaide a legal requirement for a full bond back?

Overview – End of Lease Cleaning Services in Adelaide

Vacating a home in Adelaide can be a very stressful experience for tenants. On average, tenants in Australia move out of each home every 4.5 years. From relocating the furniture and finding a new place, it is a dreadful experience. But above all, getting the entire bond back can be a nightmare.  “Reasonably clean condition” quoted by the real estate agent means different things for different individuals. But it usually means, leaving the property as it was. Many tenants book a professional end of lease cleaning In Adelaide to get the job done, but is it a legal requirement to get professional cleaners at the end of the lease? The simple answer is ‘No’.

Following a few steps outlined in this article may help you get your bond back in full, without any hassle.

Clean steady, leave tidy

Leaving out everyday cleaning duties and cramming them into the end of the lease period could end up costing extra to tenants, as it will become a tedious job. Instead, tenants should stick to a short, 10 min everyday schedule. Whether it is one kitchen drawer or a bathroom shelf each day, it helps in the long run, especially while moving out.

Pay extra attention to each room

Once in a while, you might have to sweat to get the job done. Thoroughly clean each room once in two months, if possible. Never leave a spot unturned like under the bed and furniture gaps.

Comprehensive Cleaning

Pay attention to kitchen utensils and drawers fortnightly or monthly to ensure stains don’t build up. And don’t forget to sweep and mop the floors outside the house once in a while.

Get the Furniture out

When you sweat while cleaning the entire home before handing over the keys to real estate agents, it’s a good idea to move the furniture. Debris and dirt could have built up under them and removing them early on can help in getting the bond back in full.

But why Professional Cleaners for End of lease cleaning?

If the tenants think that they haven’t maintained the property well, or don’t want to end up cleaning the property for three to four days straight, it’s a good idea to hire professional cleaners.

Reputable professional cleaning services like ours come with a 7-day bond back guarantee, meaning if the real-estate agent requests a revisit, the professional cleaners will get it done with no extra charges.

Most real estate agents require steam cleaning for carpets, but tenants will never be able to do it on their own. That is one other reason to get professional cleaners in Adelaide.

Moreover, tenants moving interstate or overseas could end up losing a part of the bond, if recleaning is required and they can’t do it by themselves. But professional cleaners can take care of that situation for tenants while the tenants can sit back, relax and focus on relocating.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to consider booking a reputable professional cleaning service like ours for a smooth transition.

Some extra tips

  1. Refer to the condition report of the property when the tenant moved in, for reference These reports will have details of any damages and tears to the property, even before the tenant moved in (pictures included in them could come really handy).
  2. Report the issues as you go. Created a dent in the wall? Don’t drag it up to the last minute. Report it as soon as possible.
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Pressure cleaning quality does not depend on Machine psi

Even if you can’t see the dirt and grime on the exterior of your home, that doesn’t mean it is not there. The accumulated dust reflects your home maintenance. No doubt, every house is always exposed to the elements. But, you do not have to sit idly as dirt dulls your beautiful house. With the help of a pressure washer, you can even remove years of dirt. It can help restore the beauty of your home’s exterior.

At Ivory Cleaning Service Adelaide, we specialize in offering high-end commercial cleaning solutions. If you are looking for pressure cleaning services in Adelaide, our experts can help you. Most importantly, we always use top-of-the-line cleaning equipment to pressure wash your property.

Remember, pressure cleaning quality doesn’t only depend on machine psi. There are so many other factors that can affect the cleaning quality. In this article, we have come together with a detailed guide on how to choose the right pressure washer.

Choosing the Right Pressure Washer

Selecting the right pressure washer is not always easy. You need to consider some major factors when choosing a pressure washer. Knowing these factors can help determine which pressure washer grade is perfect for you.

Pounds per Square Inch (PSI)

Undoubtedly, water pressure is measured in Pounds per Square Inch (PSI). This rating helps determine how much pressure is required to remove grime and stains. Of course, more pressure is needed for a stronger chemical bond.

Gallons Per Minute (GPM)

Gallons Per Minute determines the surface area a pressure washer can clean in a minute. No doubt, the higher the GPM, the more surface area it can clean. If you have a large surface area, make sure to choose a pressure washer with a higher GPM.

Cleaning Units

It is also known as cleaning speed. Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) and Gallons Per Minute (GPM) play a crucial role in determining Cleaning Units. You can calculate Cleaning Units as follows:


Water Temperature

There are options for using hot or warm water as you get into the professional units. Depending on the material you are cleaning, the choice of hot or warm water can make a huge difference. Therefore, you need to choose the right pressure washer bearing water temperature in mind.

Importance of Nozzles during Pressure Washing

Choosing the right nozzle can be super costly for you. It can cause potentially costly damages. When you use an improper spray tip, it may lead to concrete-damage scarring. Also, high-pressure water intrusion can cause a number of problems such as mold and mildew. Every industry has different pressure cleaning needs. So, you need to choose the right nozzle for industrial cleaning services.

Pressure Washer Nozzle Types

Pressure washers come in a range of nozzle types. They may come with 3-4 color-coded nozzle tips or a conventional dial-type pattern nozzle. Let’s take a look at what makes each pressure washer nozzle type different from others:

  • 0° (red): This type of nozzle is a perfect choice when you want to shoot a direct jet of water. Remember, it is unsafe to use on any surface because of the high blasting force. If there is heavy buildup or rust on equipment, look no further than 0° (red) nozzle type.
  • 15° (yellow): As the name suggests, it creates a 15-degree wide spray at the nozzle. This wide sheet of water spray is in a low-pressure setting. It can be used to strip paint from wood and also to prepare surfaces for painting.
  • 25° (green): It delivers less surface pressure to lift soils without causing any harm. It is one of the most commonly used for general cleaning applications, such as removing mud from patio furniture, decks and driveways.
  • 40° (white): It is widely used for fragile surfaces as well as light cleaning. 40° (white) is a perfect choice for windows and automobiles.
  • 65° (black): It has a larger opening to decrease velocity and increase hose pressure. As a result, it helps you apply soap to the surface without any hassle. This type of nozzle type yields the best cleaning results.

For commercial pressure washing Adelaide, all you need is to pick the most suitable nozzle type.

Accessories to Watch for Pressure Washing

There are some vital accessories you need to watch for when purchasing the right pressure washers. These accessories range from surface cleaners to multi-regs. In this section, we will cover a few necessary accessories for pressure cleaning services in Adelaide.

Surface cleaners

If you want to clean large flat surfaces quickly, make sure to choose a pressure washer that comes with surface cleaners. It is one of the best accessories used for large areas of concrete. With the help of surface cleaners, you can speed things up for quick results.


Swivel is one of the most important accessories that come with a pressure cleaner. It can help get the best results when it comes to commercial pressure washing Adelaide.


Do you want to improve cleaning times? This is where foamers can come in handy. They will mix the chemical with water and air. As a result, it will create a foam-like covering. So, it can react with the dirt and grime more effectively.


Multi-regs are designed to achieve the best cleaning results. They usually come with pressure washers. Most importantly, multi-regs can speed up the cleaning process, as you can adjust the pressure and angle of the spray with the nozzle head. It helps you save enough time and effort that are otherwise required for changing nozzles around.

At Ivory Cleaning Service Adelaide, we can help you determine the right PSI for your pressure cleaning needs. Our state-of-the-art cleaning techniques help us deliver outstanding pressure cleaning results. We offer second-to-none pressure cleaning services in Adelaide. Every member of our team is highly skilled to get the work done timely and efficiently. We can cover all your pressure cleaning needs. Call us today to know more about our pressure cleaning service in Adelaide!