Actionable Commercial Cleaning Tips for office spaces

Actionable Commercial Cleaning Tips for office spaces

A good office space gives the first impression to the customers. That is why it is important to maintain the office spaces for a longer time look. Office spaces are a crucial part of commercial cleaning.

Regular carpet care

Carpet is an important aspect of any building. It impacts the overall health of the residents of the property. If not taken care of properly, they can become dirt and germ magnet attracting bad health consequences.

Moreover, stained carpets take away the appealing look from an office space and might end up repelling potential customers. That is one other reason for carpet care in office spaces.

Vacuuming the spaces weekly, and frequently vacuuming high traffic areas within the office would greatly help in taking care of the carpet long term. Moreover, carpet steam cleaning the office once in at least a year and a half is recommended. This way, the durability of the carpet is preserved.

Outside space of office commercial cleaning

An office not only means the internal environment but the external environment as well. When a potential customer is about to walk into the building but slips in the entryway due to inadequate care will eventually lead to losing business deals.

Moreover, the exterior look of an office is as equally important as the internal look of the office. The first impression of an office will go long way when talking business. A good looking, clean and modern office would give the right impression to the customer you are hoping for.

How to keep the outside area safe

  • Broom the entryway and the walkway leading to the door to remove dust and debris.
  • Hose off the same area once in awhile.
  • Pressure washing the area at least once every two years.

Air filters!!

Air filters of office space should be clean and neat or else, it will lead to unhealthy consequences. It will also end up making the office space smell bad. No one wants stinky, stuffy air, would they?

Dirty air filters will also be expensive, in terms of money. They could end up making the coil frozen, the furnace fails or make the carpets wear out even faster.

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COVID disinfection in School Cleaning Adelaide

COVID disinfection in School Cleaning Adelaide

COVID outbreak in Australia has resulted in several changes in the school cleaning routine. In fact, schools are ordered to amend COVID sanitizing in their daily cleaning routine.

With Government advice, many changes have been brought for sanitizing schools. The safety of the children and those living with them is paramount and this cleaning advice should be followed by the school or the cleaning contractors to whom, the job has been assigned.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning before and after school hours, day cleaning, and improved cleaning is critical routine practises for IPC and offer more than an adequate layer of protection for kids and employees in institutions.

Cleaning after a COVID case

Following a proven COVID-19 case, schools must contact their cleaners.

COVID safe cleaning should be done on a regular basis. For most of the situations, the school’s daily clean (whole-school clean, including washing and disinfection of commonly touched surfaces) will be more than enough.

Following a positive COVID-19 case, a school’s normal operations are disrupted, and the school may be closed for up to two days. Environmental cleaning should only be done on the recommendation of the appropriate jurisdiction’s education and/or health authorities on a case-by-case basis.

Coronaviruses, such as SARS CoV-2, can live on surfaces for several hours before being killed by washing and disinfection. The virus’s ability to survive on these surfaces varies. The length of time the virus lives are affected by the amount of infected bodily fluid (for example, respiratory droplets), the kind of surface, the temperature, and the humidity.

Cleaning for COVID-19 should include routine and regular daily cleaning, with additional cleaning in common areas as needed when instances have been discovered.

School common areas such as bathrooms and toilets, gymnasium, canteen, and front office.

The most important surfaces that should be given more attention are the common touchpoints where people are more likely to touch them.

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Importance of Clean window Adelaide

Importance of Clean window Adelaide

Windows are one of the first things that people notice about a property. However, many individuals neglect the need of keeping their windows clean. Having your windows cleaned on a regular basis, whether it’s for a business building or a high-rise building, may make a great impact. There are several benefits to getting clean windows, ranging from increased comfort to a better overall aesthetic of the property. Clean window Adelaide is very important for the wellbeing of those around you.

Cleaning the windows allows for more natural light to enter. Glasses in windows typically get dull over time as a result of impurities such as oxidation, hard mineral, acid rain, paint, and spray, among others, which hinder natural light from entering the structure. This gives your house or business a gloomy appearance. Regular window cleaning is critical because it aids in the removal of impurities and pollutants that have adhered to the glass and blocked natural light from accessing the inside. This feature alone improves the appearance of your workplace or house and provides comfort and makes the area appear larger and more desirable.


Everyone wants a gorgeous house, and clean windows will help you achieve that goal. Schedule frequent window cleaning with professional window cleaners to make the process quick and easy. When used in conjunction with regular exterior cleaning, such as pressure washing, your property will always look its best. Not only will this increase the value of your property, but it will also make your home appear fantastic for visitors and relatives.


Dirt particles will accumulate on your windows and sills, lowering the air quality in your home. Mold is one of these particles, and it can create serious health risks over time. For many people, mold may be a health issue. It doesn’t matter if it’s your family, workers, or you. Long-term exposure causes problems with the lungs, among other things. A window cleaning might assist to clarify the air in your home if it appears to be more congested than usual.

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Guide to keeping a house clean with Dogs.

Guide to keeping a house clean with Dogs.


Cleaning is an integral part of our routine. keeping a house clean is important, as unclean houses can compromise the health of those who reside in the house. In the meantime, having pets means extra attention on your cleaning duties.


The first space that is directly affected by the presence of your dog is the floor. Dogs come with a lot of shedding hair, and if not potty trained, they might even poop and pee on the floor.

The first thing you should get after you get a dog is to invest in an automatic vacuum cleaner. This will help you get rid of the hair and pet dander from your dog. Moreover, your dogs can poop on the precious carpets you take care of, in your home. That is why you should always have a stain remover. Getting rid of poop stains early will make sure that no permanent mark is left behind on the carpet.

In addition to that, keeping an exterior mat in the entrance will make sure your dog doesn’t invite any dirt from your garden.

Dog Grooming

Bathing a dog once every 7 days can damage the dog’s scalp and hair. However, bathing the dog at least once a month can get rid of all the shedding hair. Instead of ending up in your room carpet, the dog hair will remain in the bathing area.

Moreover, combing your dog once every few days can also help you get rid of that shedding hair. Pedicuring your dog once in a while will prevent your dog from scratching hard floors in the house.


Cover the furniture that your dog will be directly in contact with. This helps with the durability of your furniture. This will help you fight the doggie odour as the sheets can be cleaned or thrown in your convenience. It will also help you prevent stains on the furniture.

Air Filter System

It goes without saying, the air quality in your house will drop if you have a pet dog. Install an air filter system that can get rid of dog hair and other residues from the room. It will help the overall health of everyone in the house.

Look for a Professional Cleaning Service

Hiring a good cleaning service once in a while can help you keep your home healthy. Steam Cleaning a carpet once in a while can certainly help you do that. We, at Ivory Cleaning Services, will provide you with the right service at a high quality.