Factory Vacate Cleaning – What should I look out for?

Factory Vacate Cleaning – What should I look out for?


Factories and warehouses are the backbones of Industrial Australia. The processes carried out in these spaces help build the economy. The occupants are asked to vacate these spaces when the lease ends. They will also be asked to clean the premises so that the next tenant can comfortably settle in. So, what should you do, to make this space cleaner? We will look at this question in this article – factory vacate cleaning.

An insight into factory vacate cleaning

Depending on the process carried out in the factory, the factory environment will vary. For example, there will be grease and grime in factories that deal with car assembly and service while a different set of problems apply to a food manufacturing factory. Therefore, it is important to understand the scope of the job when it comes to factory vacate cleaning.

Usual services needed

There is a range of services that are usually applicable when it comes to factory vacate cleaning. However, it is very specific, and you should consult with a good cleaning company before deciding on the scope.

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning is one of the highly requested services when it comes to industrial spaces. Pressure cleaning uses high water pressure to remove loose paint, grime, and grease. They are used in the factory to clean the dirt mentioned above and also, to remove any fungal growth on the outside wall. However, it is a very specialized job, and only highly trained and experienced professionals should be used.

Cobble Brick Driveway Pressure Washing by Worker.


It is a process in which liquid is used to wash out unwanted pollutants from the floor. Automatic scrubbing replaces the traditional mopping and scrubbing technique. Scrubbing restores the nature and the looks of the factory floor.

Other types of cleaning

If there are other kinds of spaces within the area, like the office, carpet steam cleaning should be considered.  Moreover, general aspects of cleaning like dusting, wiping, and cobweb removal should be included as well. A good cleaning company will be able to formulate a plan in giving your factory space a good cleaning service.


When it comes to Factory Cleaning, a good cleaning company should be chosen. That is why we, at Ivory Cleaning Services, are always about meeting your needs. Watch one of our videos here about Factory Vacate Cleaning. Call us for quotations and more.

Checklist for Vacate Cleaning Adelaide

Checklist for Vacate Cleaning Adelaide

Handing over the property to the real estate agencies is a gruelling job. A part of that process is to clean the house and go through an inspection. We will cover the process and what the usual schedule of inclusions is, for the cleaning job in Vacate Cleaning Adelaide.

Make sure to follow the procedure

If you are a tenant, make sure your rent is paid up to date and it is safe to move out of the house. Give a notice/email to the real estate agency and make sure you are not breaking the lease. It will incur extra costs.

Fix any damages caused during the tenancy

Follow the checklist provided by the SA government here. Use this as a draft and follow the guidelines from your real estate and government authorities for more clarification.

Clean the property

Moving to the main part, cleaning is important in this process. A checklist for cleaning is attached below for your reference.

1. All Areas Inside the House

1.1. Cobweb Removal

1.2. Dust Skirting Boards/Windowsills/Door

1.3. Wipe Skirting Boards/Windowsills/Doors

1.4. Clean Accessible Light Switches/PowerPoints

1.5. Dust All Reachable Surfaces

1.6. Vacuum/ visible window tracks/sills

1.7. Window cleaning from inside

1.8. Wall spot cleaning (Maximum 15 spot wall marks only)

1.9. Clean Mirrors

2. Floors

2.1 Vacuum/Mop Hard Floors

3 Bathrooms

3.1 Scrub/Clean Bath

3.2 Scrub/Clean Shower

3.3 Scrub/Clean Sinks

3.4 Clean Mirrors

3.5 Clean Tapware and Chrome

3.6 Wipe Down Cupboards (exterior)

3.7 Wipe Down Cupboards Inside

3.8 Clean/Disinfect Toilet

4 Kitchen

4.1 Clean Stovetop and Oven Cleaning

4.2 Clean Rangehood Filters

4.3 Clean Underside of Rangehood

4.4 Clean/Wipe All Benchtops

4.5 Clean Splashback

4.6 Clean Tapware

4.7 Scrub/ Clean Sink

4.8 Clean Cupboards exterior and interior

5 Laundry

5.1 Clean Sink and tap

5.2 Clean Cupboard Inside and Outside

6 Bedrooms

6.1 Clean Cupboards and Wardrobes Inside and outside

6.2 Clean Mirrors

A few tips:

* Schedule your cleaning well ahead of time if you are planning to move out. Start packing, and clean the accessible areas. Leaving it down to the last minute will cause problems.

* Make sure all your belongings are moved from the house if you are finding a cleaning company.

If you find it hard to clean the house by yourself, then leave the hassle to us. We, at Ivory Cleaning Services, will help you clean the house with a bond back guarantee**. Call us/Email us now.

** Terms & Conditions apply

How to keep your warehouse clean – Industrial Cleaning Adelaide

How to keep your warehouse clean – Industrial Cleaning Adelaide

One of the tedious jobs within the warehouse is to maintain cleanliness. Maintaining a warehouse is a challenging task and this article will help you get an idea of how a warehouse can be cleaned – Industrial Cleaning Adelaide.

Why a clean and tidy warehouse?

It has been proven that a clean warehouse boosts productivity within the work environment. It will be easier for the workers and staff to locate inventory and equipment quickly. Increased productivity equals increased benefits

Moreover, a pleasant working environment will definitely improve the mental health of the workers. There are laws in place, especially in Australia to maintain a clean and healthy work environment. It is important to comply with the laws, don’t you think?

Failure to abide by the law can result in business failure and a huge financial loss.

Warehouse cleaning – steps and plans

There are two kinds of cleaning routines: Regular cleaning and deep cleaning. Your cleaning frequency depends on the nature of the work and the frequency of warehouse use.

Deep Cleaning

The floor of your warehouse can become unclean over time, and dust and grime will accumulate on your equipment. It can have a negative impact on production. Before you get to this point, your warehouse needs to be well cleaned. The time it takes will vary depending on the type of work you do and may be different for each part of your site.

A deep clean can be booked through an experienced industrial cleaning company as they will have extensive knowledge of the process and the types of chemicals that will be used in the context.

The biggest cleaning task will be the dirt, grease, and grime removal from the warehouse floor. A professional scrubber and/or a pressure washer can be used to clean the floors.

Other tasks are subjective and a consultation with the cleaning company will give more idea on how the area can be cleaned.

Regular Cleaning

You should also direct your team to undertake a regular maintenance routine in between your planned thorough cleans. Breaking down and assigning tasks to the staff will be helpful.

Someone should be put in charge to make sure the tasks are completed.

If you want to outsource your cleaning tasks or book a deep cleaning service for your warehouse, you can always contact us to get a quote. With 9 years of commercial cleaning expertise, we will be able to assist you with any kind of cleaning need.

How clean is your house? – House Cleaning in Adelaide checklist

How clean is your house? – House Cleaning Adelaide checklist

House is an integral part of human life. Our species has spent hundreds of years perfecting the indoor living environment. An average Australian spends around six hours per week tidying the house. There are always exceptions and some people do not spend as much time as others – house cleaning in Adelaide.

If you have no idea whether your house is clean or not, or whether you need to spend time cleaning, we have got you covered. We will create a metric to assess how clean your house is.

1. Clutter – Nah! Could you get rid of them?

If you just see things lying around the house when you enter the house, you should probably spend more time decluttering your home. A good house cleaning checklist should always list “decluttering” as the most important task.

The amount of clutter is an indicator of how clean you are. Therefore, it is always good to get rid of the clutter within the house.

Also, a tidy place will create a pleasant ambience and a comfortable living environment for you and your family.

2. How empty is your sink

One way to assess the cleanliness of your house is to check how clean your sink is. Does your sink always have dirty dishes in it?

Keeping your sink clean all the time is a good indicator that your kitchen and your house are clean. It takes just an extra couple of minutes to do them, but it is the effort that matters.

3. Floors and Daily Routine.

Establish a daily routine in your cleaning schedule. A good cleaning habit will go a long way in your personal health and your wellbeing.

Do you already have a good housecleaning routine? Or else, now is the best time to stick to one.

4. Clean Bathrooms? Take a look

How does your bathroom look? Are they squeaky clean? Do they have any stains on them?

A clean bathroom is an essential aspect of good personal hygiene. Cleaning a toilet will only take you seconds, a bathtub could take a few more minutes.

If you feel like your bathroom has not been deep cleaned for a while, it is better to hire a good cleaning company to take care of it for you.


If you feel like cleaning tasks are overwhelming, you can always have a professional cleaning company to take care of it for you, contact us now.

Our team of professionally trained cleaners will always help you with your need, Don’t wait, call us now.

Driveway Cleaning Adelaide

What Real Estate agents look for in Vacate Cleaning Adelaide

What Real Estate agents look for in Vacate Cleaning Adelaide


Rental Properties in Australia have been known to create disputes between tenants and real estate agents. Most of these disputes start with End of Lease Property Condition reports. It is a known fact that all Vacate Cleaning Adelaide tenants are required to perform an End of Lease Cleaning before handing over the property back to the real estate agents. However, the house will be inspected by the real estate agent and any remarks should be resolved. If not, a hefty amount will be deducted from the bond. This article gives tips and tricks for tenants to get the full bond back.

End of Lease cleaning usually involves all the aspects of the house which includes walls, floors and all surfaces. If the property is furnished, dusting should also be considered.

Plan ahead for Vacate Cleaning Adelaide

The biggest mistake tenants make is not planning the Vacate cleaning ahead.

Just like cramming all your exam study to the last minute,  do not find the cleaner or start the cleaning process at the very last minute. If the renters are able to clean once in a while, the final end-of-lease cleaning will be easy.

Moreover, looking for an end-of-lease cleaner at the last minute could end up disastrous. It will not leave enough to make a decision in choosing the right cleaner.

  • Be thorough

Vacate Cleaning usually requires thorough cleaning rather than regular general household cleaning. Therefore, more effort and more focus are required to get the job done. Moreover, the property will be thoroughly observed when real estate agents visit for their final inspection. Even dust in a hidden area will be noticed.

Shift the furniture

If the house was unfurnished and you had to bring in your own furniture, moving them before doing the final clean is always the best choice. Dirt and dust under the furniture will not be cleaned unless the furniture is moved away.

Vacate Cleaning Adelaide usually requires a lot of effort and this is one of the most important steps in the process.

Call in for help

Some real estate agents made it a requirement for tenants to go to professional cleaning companies and bring in the invoice for bond return.

Finding a good cleaning service is very important to make sure that the house is cleaned to near perfection. That is where we come in.

We, at Ivory Cleaning Services, provide cleaning services to our customers making sure that we provide the best quality service in Adelaide. Call us or email us now for quotations!