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Ivory Cleaning provides a wide range of industrial cleaning services all over Adelaide. We can assist you in maintaining your industry to the highest standard. We offer a comprehensive cleaning plan to suit your industrial cleaning requirements. Our cleaning services include sweeping and scrubbing all hard surfaces to keep your industry looking great. Most importantly, we use top-of-the-line cleaning equipment to deliver outstanding results. Looking for a premium warehouse cleaning service? Ivory Cleaning Services is a name you can rely on. Our highly trained cleaners can clean vinyl, tiles, concrete, or any other hard surface. We have reliable cleaning machines to keep your floors cleaned in no time.

Industrial Cleaning Services

Cleaning your factor is always stressful and time-consuming. All you need is a professional team of cleaners to manage the cleaning task without any hassle. Ivory Cleaning Services can deal with factory cleaning while you focus on your core work. We offer the best, most cost-effective solutions for those dirty or stained floors. By providing second to none floor cleaning service, we can make it shine daily. The dust accumulated on your industrial machines can affect their performance in the long run. All of this fuss needs to end by hiring professional, local cleaners in Adelaide.

Our industrial cleaning services include:

Factory daily cleaning service/ Regular factory maintenance cleaning service

  • Factory floor machine sweeping
  • Factory floor scrubbing/ Mavchanical floor scrubbing
  • Factory floor general cleaning service/ Rubbish collecting
  • Cleaning of  factory kitchen, toilet and office area cleaning

Factory detailed cleaning service/ Periodical factory cleaning service

  • Factory window cleaning service/ Window washing ( telescopic wand / Water fed pole)
  • Factory wall washing service ( telescopic wand pressure washing/ scissor lift or boom lift)
  • Factory high-pressure washing/ factory high-pressure cleaning service
  • Factory floor degrease and floor washing service
  • Periodical carpet steam cleaning for the administration area
  • Hard floor polishing/strip and reseal
  • Tile cleaning service

Some of the work we do in warehouse cleaning includes:

Warehouse daily cleaning service/ Warehouse regular maintenance cleaning service

  • Warehouse floors sweeping (manual or machine)
  • Warehouse floor scrubbing service ( Mechanical floor cleaning)
  • Warehouse floor general cleaning service
  • Cleaning of kitchen, toilet and office area cleaning
  • Car park sweeping and car park washing

Warehouse detailed cleaning service/ Periodical warehouse cleaning service

  • Warehouse window washing service
  • Warehouse wall washing service
  • Warehouse floor high-pressure washing
  • Warehouse floor scrubbing
  • Periodical carpet steam cleaning for office and administration area
  • Hard floor polishing/strip and reseal
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Cool room cleaning service

Our qualified cleaners can tackle even the most stubborn stains and dirt buildup. With over years of experience, we can provide outstanding cleaning solutions. We cover everything when it comes to industrial cleaning, from dusting to concrete cleaning. If you want to get a spotless finish of your industrial floors, look no further than Ivory Cleaning Services.

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