Is Eco-friendliness the future of Commercial Cleaning?

Is Eco-friendliness the future of Commercial Cleaning?

Going green is a revolution that is taking up all the industries. It has been changing virtually almost all the industries in Australia. A lot of Australians are fighting for climate action and want to go eco-friendly.  However, the biggest question is, can the commercial cleaning industry survive without the chemicals? W will see the cleaning industry in this area in this article.

There are two ways the cleaning industry can go about this; the industry can either adopt eco-friendly chemicals or they can go for chemical-free cleaning.

Eco-friendly chemicals

There are a lot of eco-friendly chemicals that are being used in the Australian Market. Around 30% to 50% of the corporate cleaning in the US have already started using Eco-Friendly chemicals in their cleaning routine.

Ammonia, for example, although very effective towards dirt has a very bad effect on the environment. How can we replace this with a more environmentally friendly chemical? Agar or Vinegar with Hydrogen Peroxide will be a good substitute. However, this won’t be a solution for commercial standards.

Eco-friendly, industry-standard chemicals are a big market in the US. However, there aren’t enough such products in the Australian Market, at least in the Commercial Cleaning space.

Is Chemical free cleaning the future of Commercial Cleaning?

As we talk about the Eco-friendly chemical usage for Commercial Cleaning, another trend of chemical-free commercial cleaning is being explored. Although this is at its early stages, the results look promising.

The primary goal of this cleaning is to create a safe environment for the people who work in it. We are all aware that steam can help reliable cleaning services, for sanitizing and cleaning.

The split-stream system uses a salt-based solution that is run through that gives an electrical charge that acts as a sanitizer or a cleaning chemical. However, the technology is still at its infancy stage and it will be years before this can be introduced in industrial cleaning or commercial cleaning space.

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House Cleaning: Ever thought of the ovens?

House Cleaning: Ever thought of the ovens?

A clean house is healthy for the people living in it. Some aspects of the houses are cleaned regularly, while some are constantly neglected, the oven is one such area. People can go for months without paying the attention to how dirty their oven is. This can also cause serious health issues like Diarrhoea and food poisoning – House Cleaning.

So, what is the best practice for including ovens in house cleaning?

How frequent should you clean the oven?

Oven Cleaning should at least be done once every three to four months. Being one of the oiliest and most moist places, it can have build-ups and provide a safe haven for bacterial growth.

Steps for Oven Cleaning

#1 Let the oven cool down

Before starting to clean the oven, it should be left to cool down. Moreover, the oven racks should be cleaned before we proceed any further.

#2 Create the oven cleaner or buy one

The best homemade chemical for oven cleaning is the water + baking soda solution.
Take some Baking Soda and add a few drops of water to create a paste-like solution.
However, Ammonia can be a great substitute.

Caution: Ammonia can damage the surfaces that it meets. Use carefully.  

#3 Apply the paste into the oven

Now, apply the paste created in the previous step in the oven. It is completely normal for the paste to turn brown. Make sure that the paste covers all the parts of the oven including the glass.

#4 Wait for the magic to work

Let the paste sit overnight and later, wipe down the paste the next day. Later, wipe it down again with vinegar. Later, take a damp cloth and give one last wipe down.

Place the oven racks and you are good to go now.

If you find oven Cleaning hard, you can always book our experienced cleaners for Oven Cleaning. Our house cleaning experts will help you clean your ovens professionally with industry-standard chemicals.

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Why Commercial Property Vacate Cleaning?

Why Commercial Property Vacate Cleaning?

Most commercial real estate agents request a property vacate cleaning before the tenant permanently moves out of the property. Reclaiming the bond when you terminate the lease is also required. But why do they really require commercial property vacate cleaning?

Although renters pledge that they will keep the property clean, the reality is that they don’t. The renters leave behind a lot of garbage and leave the place unclean. A professional Commercial Property Cleaning will ensure that it is not the case and also assure the owner.

Commercial Property Vacate Cleaning for offices

Office spaces are the most common commercial properties for which, vacate cleaning is requested. So, at this point, you might wonder, what does a genuine cleaning company do during Commercial Property Vacate Cleaning?

A checklist of commercial property vacate cleaning for office spaces is attached below.

Office Entryway and Office Rooms

  • Office Entryway and Office Rooms
  • Cobweb removal and dust walls, blinds
  • Front door glass cleaning from inside and  outside
  • Dust and disinfect all desks cupboards and drawers
  • Dust skirting boards and window ledges
  • Window cleaning from Inside
  • All partition glass wash and Squeegee dry
  • Floor Vacuum/ sweep
  • Hard Floor mopping  with PH neutral detergent,
  • Wall spot cleaning and marks removal


  • Clean and disinfect toilets
  • Clean doors, light switches
  • Clean and disinfect sink and tapware,
  • Spot cleaning wall marks
  • Clean bathroom mirrors and cupboard
  • Exhaust fan filter cleaning
  • Sweep and mop wet areas

Kitchen and Breakroom

  • Wall Dusting and cobweb removal
  • Clean benches, cupboards, and drawers
  • Clean and disinfect the microwave and sink.
  • Vacuum/sweep floor areas
  • Floor mopping

Commercial Property Vacate Cleaning for offices also includes other services like pressure cleaning to get rid of dirt from any surfaces. Some offices are also adjacent to warehouses, so they will also need to be cleaned. In that case, mechanical sweeping and mechanical scrubbing will also be required.
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House Cleaning Series: Kitchen Cleaning guide

House Cleaning Series: Kitchen Cleaning guide

A house is the center of people’s lives. A clean house is vital for the healthy well-being of people living there. However, the center of nourishment in the house happens to be the kitchen. Therefore, the kitchen should be an integral part of the house cleaning regiment.

An untidy, dirty kitchen directly impacts the well-being of the occupants. It can contaminate the food cooked in the kitchen and put lives at stake. In this blog, we will focus on the steps of kitchen cleaning when you deep clean the house – house cleaning.

Kitchen Cleaning

There are a few places we never clean that accumulate dust over time. For example, cluttered cabinets and dusty refrigerator tops are some of them. So, how long will this cleaning take and what would equipment and chemicals do you need for this process? We will answer these questions in this part.

You should at least allocate 90 mins for Kitchen Deep Cleaning. Depending on the intensity of kitchen cleanliness, the time could vary. The chemicals and equipment needed for the cleaning vary according to the work’s scope. However, a general list has been provided below. Alternatively, you can hire a house cleaning company for your cleaning needs.


  1. Dust Mop
  2. Stepladder
  3. Cleaning clothes
  4. Broom, Mop, and towel
  5. Sponges

Chemicals – House cleaning

  1. All-purpose cleaner (or another mild cleaning chemical)
  2. Oven cleaner (Strong Chemical, be careful)
  3. Glass Cleaner (for final look and mirror/glass cleaning)

The steps for an extensive, detailed kitchen cleaning by Ivory Cleaning Services are listed below.

  1. Cobweb Removal
  2. Dust Skirting Boards/Windowsills/Door
  3. Wipe Skirting Boards/Windowsills/Doors
  4. Clean Accessible Light Switches/Power Points
  5. Dust All Reachable Surfaces
  6. Vacuum/ visible window tracks/sills **
  7. Window cleaning from inside
  8. Clean Mirrors** (if available in the kitchen)
  9. Clean Stovetop
  10. Clean Rangehood Filters
  11. Clean oven
  12. Clean Underside of Rangehood
  13. Clean/Wipe All Benchtops
  14. Clean Splashback
  15. Clean Tapware
  16. Scrub/ Clean Sink
  17. Clean Cupboards exterior and interior
  18. Vacuum and Mop Hard Floors

Although a comprehensive list has been provided for Kitchen cleaning (house cleaning series), there could be changes in the scope of work according to the need.

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Office Cleaning Adelaide: why hire a cleaning company

Office Cleaning Adelaide: why hire a cleaning company

An office doesn’t just represent the image of the brand, but it is also important for the health and safety of the people who work at the office. Being a business owner/maintenance officer, you are in charge of ensuring the standards are sent to the people – Office Cleaning Adelaide.

Moreover, no one will care for the property and its cleanliness like a cleaning company does. Customers only want to see a clean and tidy building. Dusty and dirty building affects the impression of the customers on the business or the company.

Here are a few reasons.

Maintain a professional experience with customers and employees

Setting up a professional picture for the clients and the employees is very important in a business. It is significant in a commercial industry setting. However, a cleaning company with high cleaning standards will keep your premises clean and neat.

The professional looks and feel will result in better branding resulting in more job success.

Avoid the expense of training and hiring a cleaning staff

Hiring an inexperienced cleaner and training the person from scratch is very expensive. The cost for hire, the training period remunerations, and other hidden costs involved could be a big expenditure for the business. However, this will not be the case if you hire a professional cleaning company for office cleaning Adelaide.

A professional cleaner knows how to set up the right cleaning equipment and chemicals. If the hired cleaner has no experience, he might even damage the furniture, floor or any other surfaces.

This leads us to the next advantage for office cleaning Adelaide.

Professional Cleaning Companies are insured and bonded

Professional Companies that perform office cleaning are insured and bonded. All the cleaners working on the property will be insured. These will help to keep the cleaners safe while working. Moreover, experienced professional companies will have professional indemnity insurance to cover any damage that was caused by the cleaner. This makes office cleaning easy and financially viable for the company.

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Strata Cleaning in Adelaide: an overview

Strata Cleaning in Adelaide: an overview

The idea of strata cleaning started in Australia, however, it has gained popularity in a number of other nations as well. It continues to spark curiosity and inquiries about the advantages of working with a business that provides expert strata cleaning services. Strata cleaning, by definition, entails maintaining and cleaning communal areas on a business property or partitioned rooms in an apartment building.

A building committee hires strata cleaning business, and the treasurer normally manages the funds. The committee will present its demands, terms and conditions will be negotiated, and the chosen services will be decided before the firm is employed, depending on the type of property in issue.

The importance of Strata Cleaning

Without strata cleaning, the quality of living within the property may not be good. The people who visit or stay on the property may have to face dust, grime, and dirt.

1. Comprehensive cleaning plan

When the owners are left to hire their own cleaners, there are many common spaces that could be left unattended. The common areas within a strata property will be unattended if that is the case.

A strata cleaning service on the other hand serves to clean all the areas keeping the entire property spick and span. For example, areas like the lobby, hallway, and most importantly, car parks will be kept clean. Services like carpet steam cleaning and window cleaning are also provided by strata cleaning companies.

A few types of services provided in strata cleaning is given below.

  • Office cleaning
  • Mopping
  • Vacuuming
  • Rubbish management
  • Outside cleaning
  • Spot removal
  • Full building sanitizing
  • Spot removal
  • Carpet steam cleaning

2. Organized cleaning with protection

Finding a legitimate cleaning company before booking their cleaning service is more important. For example, a background check on the cleaners and insurance coverage are a few things to look for. A reliable cleaning company can look out for all of these for you.

A good cleaning will also be consistent with the job and its quality providing you with the best service possible.

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Office Cleaning: All about the toilets

Office Cleaning: All about the toilets

Office Cleaning: all about the toilets

Now, we’re not just talking about sweeping and mopping the floors here for office cleaning. We all know that a dirty office can lead to unhappy workers and general dissatisfaction in the workplace, not to mention the potential health risks. But when it comes to toilet and bathroom cleaning, finding a good cleaning company is challenging.

Maybe they don’t have reliable cleaners, maybe they overcharge, or worse than that, maybe you don’t even get an actual human being on the phone. And with uncertainty like this hanging over your head, you might not be sure whether to hire the service in the first place.

The toilet is an unsanitary word, and we often refrain from referring to them. But as mentioned above, an unsanitary toilet can lead to a bad work environment. In this blog, we will cover all the ins and outs of office cleaning.

Types of office toilet cleaning

There are two types of toilets; communal spaces in purpose-built offices and single toilets just like you find at home. You might even just find cubicles or urinals in the area – office cleaning.

However, the purpose-built large offices are easier to clean. Large offices do have urinals and without any say, they are very easy to clean. Single toilets as expected are harder to clean. The office cleaning schedule depends on the size and the frequency of office use. The cleaning frequency can go anywhere from one session per week to multiple sessions a day.

Toilet cleaning process

Toilet cleaning process in an office is very similar to household toilet cleaning. Most of the chemicals used in the process are the same except the names might be different on the label. Experienced cleaning companies have a good knowledge about them

Bleach is used for general disinfection of the toilet in the process. A toilet brush is a standard equipment and a scrub might be used in the process of cleaning.

The checklist for a general toilet cleaning is given below.

Bathroom and toilets

1.1 Sweep and mop wet areas,
1.2 Clean and disinfect toilets,
1.3 Replace toilet rolls,
1.4 Disinfect doors, light switches, and touchpoints,
1.5 Clean and disinfect sink and tapware,
1.6 Empty rubbish bins and replace bin liners,
1.7 Clean bathroom mirrors,
1.8 Scrub shower doors, walls, and floors.

If you require a reliable cleaning company for office cleaning and toilet cleaning, contact us now via email or phone.

Don’ts of Professional House Cleaning

Don’ts of Professional House Cleaner: A blog around house cleaning.

Cleaning has been an important part of living. It is responsible for the way different parts of the house look like. Professional cleaners are experts in their skills that enable them to carry out their duties with utmost care. They can offer quality, fast and cheap cleaning services which are highly reliable. House Cleaning is an art, it needs the practise to achieve the results

I think there are a few work ethics that govern this area as a professional cleaner for 11 years. A professional cleaner must understand the environment and work accordingly. Here are a few tips that could help in the smooth transition in this domain.

#1 Talking on the phone while cleaning the house

Even if a professional cleaner has a lot of experience in cleaning, the clients will not be pleased with certain behaviours. One of the biggest red flags is talking on the phone while working.

Talking over the phone while working can appal the clients as they may be busy with something. The cleaner should silence the phone when he enters the work premises. Cleaners can attend to very urgent calls outside without disturbing the clients.

#2 Not covering any cuts on the body

Another important thing about a cleaner is the cleanliness and tidiness.  

The cleaners should make sure that they are presented in a clean and tidy way to the customers. Any injuries should be covered while attending to a job in the house. Moreover, clean and tidy clothing should be worn for the jobs. Work uniforms are preferred in the general setting to be more pleasing

#3 Abide by the safety precautions and cleanliness policies of the homeowner.  

Every client is different, and their needs and protocols within the house change. Getting to know it beforehand through a small chat is good in the long run to maintain a good relationship.

However, it is wise not to talk too much with the customer and not do what you are supposed to do.

Proper hygiene requires following right and wrong steps as there are many wrong ways of doing things. Some house cleaning tips bring in frugality, some teach when one should not use certain products in the house. There are other tips that relate to changing habits and points of view. A professional cleaner should know the dos and don’ts while performing his duties to make a customer happy with his work.

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Tips for School Cleaning Adelaide

Tips for School Cleaning Adelaide

Schools are one of the densely populated zones of Australia. COVID has emphasized the importance of cleaning within the schools. An unclean classroom reduces productivity and makes the children sick. Moreover, health authorities in Australia regulate the cleanliness of the school. Unclean schools can face hefty fines and lawsuits. But how do you approach the task of cleaning schools? This article talks about just that. We will be looking at how school authorities can approach cleaning in school – School Cleaning Adelaide

We can break down school cleaning into three segments.

  1. Healthy Practices
  2. Regular Cleaning
  3. Deep Cleaning

Healthy Practices

Incorporating good health habits is important for a clean school. Simple changes within the school can bring a huge difference to the school. For example, placing doormats in front of the classrooms will make sure dirt under the shoes is not transferred to the classroom floors. It is also important to clean the doormats occasionally.

Instructing and teaching students to practise these healthy habits will help the students and the school in the long term. Introducing recycling habits and teaching the kids to put the trash in the right bin is a few of them. Having trash cans with the right labels in each classroom can go a long way. Just like doormats, trash cans should be properly taken care of, and regular disposal is important.

Regular Cleaning

It is no wonder that schools encounter a lot of traffic every day. That brings dirt and it should be cleaned regularly so that it will not bring health complications to the students. Classrooms, common areas, toilets, and shower rooms can accumulate dirt and they should be cleaned without due. Experienced school cleaners can be appointed to do the job right. School management should clearly convey the needs to the cleaning staff.

Deep Cleaning

Schools should perform a deep cleaning once every six months or a year to maintain health standards. Detailed cleaning, floor scrubbing, and pressure washing outer are a few of the tasks that should be performed. But why should it be the case? Even if the regular cleaners perform the cleaning duties correctly, dirt will eventually build up if deep cleaning is not performed.

School cleaning is not an easy task. Ivory Cleaning Services know exactly what and how things need to be done so it’s really the best option for your business. Nothing beats the professionals, let alone those who are remarked to be some of the best in the business.

Types of Pressure washers – Pressure Cleaning Adelaide

Types of Pressure washers – Pressure Cleaning Adelaide

If you are thinking about the exterior look of the house, then there is a fair chance that you will know that pressure cleaning is necessary to remove dirt and grime from the outside – Pressure Cleaning Adelaide

First of all, what is a pressure washer?

A pressure washer is a machine that uses highly pressurized water jets to eliminate hard-to-remove grime and dirt in situations where detergent just doesn’t cut it.

There are different types of Pressure washers in the market, they come with their advantages and disadvantages. Understanding your requirements and getting the right pressure cleaner is important.

These water jets can produce pressure as low as 750 PSI to as high as 10000 PSI. Are you confused about PSI? PSI simply means Pounds per Square Inch. There are two primary components in a pressure washer, the pump, and the motor. Motors can either be electric or gas depending on the type.

Types of Pressure Cleaners

Cold Water Pressure Washers

Cold water pressure washers are the most cost-effective pressure washers on the market. They are compact, easy to use, and the best option for starters. These pressure washers can reach up to 3000 PSI in pressure.

Hot Water Pressure Washers

Hot Water Pressure Washers are generally famous in both farming and commercial cleaning environment. The water in the machine is heated by the coil and helps break down grime and mold. This characteristic makes it an expensive choice. However, they are very effective in cleaning compared to cold water pressure washers. They are used by experienced cleaners.

Gas Powered Pressure Washers

Gas-powered Pressure Washers are the best option when you have laid off from cleaning for a while and you need to get back on track after removing the grime and mould buildup. They are very effective than the electric models as they can generate very high PSI.

What should you consider before getting a pressure washer?

There are 4 main characteristics to consider before getting a pressure washer.

  1. Power –  Depending on the type of work you do, there will be a different power requirement. For example, concrete floor cleaning requires more PSI than paint floor cleaning.
  2. Type – Gas models generate more PSI than electric models. However, they come with problems like high noise generation and high maintenance. On the other hand, electric models are low maintenance, however, they are restricted by cables and wires.
  3. Features – You should check with the model whether you are getting all the features. Adjustable nozzles and extendable wand are some of them
  4. Cost – Cost is one of the crucial factors in the model. You should make sure that you are getting the right value for the money paid.

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