Guide to keeping a house clean with Dogs.

Guide to keeping a house clean with Dogs.


Cleaning is an integral part of our routine. keeping a house clean is important, as unclean houses can compromise the health of those who reside in the house. In the meantime, having pets means extra attention on your cleaning duties.


The first space that is directly affected by the presence of your dog is the floor. Dogs come with a lot of shedding hair, and if not potty trained, they might even poop and pee on the floor.

The first thing you should get after you get a dog is to invest in an automatic vacuum cleaner. This will help you get rid of the hair and pet dander from your dog. Moreover, your dogs can poop on the precious carpets you take care of, in your home. That is why you should always have a stain remover. Getting rid of poop stains early will make sure that no permanent mark is left behind on the carpet.

In addition to that, keeping an exterior mat in the entrance will make sure your dog doesn’t invite any dirt from your garden.

Dog Grooming

Bathing a dog once every 7 days can damage the dog’s scalp and hair. However, bathing the dog at least once a month can get rid of all the shedding hair. Instead of ending up in your room carpet, the dog hair will remain in the bathing area.

Moreover, combing your dog once every few days can also help you get rid of that shedding hair. Pedicuring your dog once in a while will prevent your dog from scratching hard floors in the house.


Cover the furniture that your dog will be directly in contact with. This helps with the durability of your furniture. This will help you fight the doggie odour as the sheets can be cleaned or thrown in your convenience. It will also help you prevent stains on the furniture.

Air Filter System

It goes without saying, the air quality in your house will drop if you have a pet dog. Install an air filter system that can get rid of dog hair and other residues from the room. It will help the overall health of everyone in the house.

Look for a Professional Cleaning Service

Hiring a good cleaning service once in a while can help you keep your home healthy. Steam Cleaning a carpet once in a while can certainly help you do that. We, at Ivory Cleaning Services, will provide you with the right service at a high quality.

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Residential Carpet Cleaning: Importance and the Complete Guide

Residential Carpet Cleaning: Importance and the Complete Guide

Most of the households in Adelaide install carpets for the comfort and the beautiful look, they give to the property. While carpets are an excellent choice of flooring, they come with intricate cleaning techniques and maintenance. Depending on the carpet traffic, it is recommended that the carpets be vacuumed one to two times a week and professionally cleaned once every six to eighteen months. It is very important to take care of the carpets at home.

Why carpet cleaning?

Uncleaned carpets can cause serious health issues. Without cleaning, carpets can become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mites and other harmful beings and if you have kids and pets in the home, they can easily lead to various diseases and infections. It is important to note that vacuuming is not enough to remove those parasites from the carpets.

Moreover, if any of the household members have breathing conditions like asthma, dust and bacteria accumulated in the carpets could make it worse.  Unclean carpets can disrupt the airflow in the room, weird as it is. With time, the carpets will start to give off a stuffy, unpleasant smell. All of these can lead to new allergies.

The manufacturer’s warranty becomes invalid if the carpet is not taken care of properly. Therefore, it is important to follow the manual and follow the cleaning regime.

As we have seen before, neglecting carpet cleaning can end up damaging the carpet permanently and above all, pose serious health consequences, if unattended.

The Carpet Care Routine

It would be nice if outdoor shoes are removed before entering the carpeted floor. If ignored, the dirt and bacteria from under the outdoor shoes can start building on the carpet compromising health and carpet quality. Getting a doormat can be useful as it will capture the dirt before entering the carpet.

Getting furniture shoes and fitting them to the furniture will help in avoiding any damages furniture pressure can have on the carpet floor. Moreover, vacuuming twice a week can remove any dirt even before they build.

Get Professional Help, once in a while.

Getting professional help when needed is crucial for the carpet, and for the residents. Getting an experienced cleaner for the carpet is important to get the job done in a satisfactory manner. We, at Ivory Cleaning Services, provide carpet cleaning service with superior quality and at an affordable rate. Contact for a personalized quote.

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Is Professional End of Lease Cleaning in Adelaide a legal requirement for a full bond back?

Is Professional End of Lease Cleaning in Adelaide a legal requirement for a full bond back?

Overview – End of Lease Cleaning Services in Adelaide

Vacating a home in Adelaide can be a very stressful experience for tenants. On average, tenants in Australia move out of each home every 4.5 years. From relocating the furniture and finding a new place, it is a dreadful experience. But above all, getting the entire bond back can be a nightmare.  “Reasonably clean condition” quoted by the real estate agent means different things for different individuals. But it usually means, leaving the property as it was. Many tenants book a professional end of lease cleaning In Adelaide to get the job done, but is it a legal requirement to get professional cleaners at the end of the lease? The simple answer is ‘No’.

Following a few steps outlined in this article may help you get your bond back in full, without any hassle.

Clean steady, leave tidy

Leaving out everyday cleaning duties and cramming them into the end of the lease period could end up costing extra to tenants, as it will become a tedious job. Instead, tenants should stick to a short, 10 min everyday schedule. Whether it is one kitchen drawer or a bathroom shelf each day, it helps in the long run, especially while moving out.

Pay extra attention to each room

Once in a while, you might have to sweat to get the job done. Thoroughly clean each room once in two months, if possible. Never leave a spot unturned like under the bed and furniture gaps.

Comprehensive Cleaning

Pay attention to kitchen utensils and drawers fortnightly or monthly to ensure stains don’t build up. And don’t forget to sweep and mop the floors outside the house once in a while.

Get the Furniture out

When you sweat while cleaning the entire home before handing over the keys to real estate agents, it’s a good idea to move the furniture. Debris and dirt could have built up under them and removing them early on can help in getting the bond back in full.

But why Professional Cleaners for End of lease cleaning?

If the tenants think that they haven’t maintained the property well, or don’t want to end up cleaning the property for three to four days straight, it’s a good idea to hire professional cleaners.

Reputable professional cleaning services like ours come with a 7-day bond back guarantee, meaning if the real-estate agent requests a revisit, the professional cleaners will get it done with no extra charges.

Most real estate agents require steam cleaning for carpets, but tenants will never be able to do it on their own. That is one other reason to get professional cleaners in Adelaide.

Moreover, tenants moving interstate or overseas could end up losing a part of the bond, if recleaning is required and they can’t do it by themselves. But professional cleaners can take care of that situation for tenants while the tenants can sit back, relax and focus on relocating.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to consider booking a reputable professional cleaning service like ours for a smooth transition.

Some extra tips

  1. Refer to the condition report of the property when the tenant moved in, for reference These reports will have details of any damages and tears to the property, even before the tenant moved in (pictures included in them could come really handy).
  2. Report the issues as you go. Created a dent in the wall? Don’t drag it up to the last minute. Report it as soon as possible.
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How to Remove Water Marks and Stains on Glass: Window cleaning service Guide 02

How to Remove Water Marks and Stains on Glass?

Watermarks on the surfaces of glasses can make your bathroom change from a clean paradise to a pathetic dungeon. If stains are not removed correctly, they tend to leave the glass with an enormous streak that always looks worst. It’s not just the matter of bathroom mirrors; it is also about cars’ mirrors and windows of the houses. The stains always become the reason for the bad looks of all these glasses. The glasses start to look too old when there are certain amounts of stains on them. When such stains are not cleaned on time then they cause the replacement of the glasses. The stains on the glass decrease the life span of the glass and as a result, they get broken way too early. Window cleaning service or glass cleaning service in Adelaide has also been made to facilitate people.

Here we are providing you with different ideas to remove such kinds of stains from glass. Study all of the methods to get help in this regard.  

Removal of Water Marks from Glass

The glasses of the kitchen, as well as bathrooms, are most vulnerable to having certain stains that can harm them. They are closer to the sinks and they can easily have stains. Various techniques are there to remove such types of stains from the surface of the glass. Not all the techniques are effective in all cases. Cleaning the glass every time you use the sink is not possible.

Following are the steps to follow for the removal of the watermarks from the surface of the glass or mirrors. 

Step 1:

Prepare a mixture of 50% white vinegar as well as 50% water. The perfect option is to have water with fewer numbers of minerals.

Step 2:

Take one towel and soak it within the mixture. Now using this towel wipe away all the spots. You have to make sure that the towel remains wet throughout

Step 3:

On difficult areas or spots, a pressed towel on the area for some moments will work better. Minerals in the hard water will be softened easily with the help of acidic vinegar. Draping the wet towel on the glass of the window or mirror will also help in removing the water spots. The use of WD-40 is also seen to work in the cleaning of the glasses or mirrors. It is a convenient way to remove watermarks as well as stains from the glasses. 

Spraying WD-40 will make it easier for you to remove all kinds of stains that are making your glass look bad. It will enhance the appearance of the glass as well as your house. 

Removal of Water Marks from Larger Glasses or Windows

There are certain areas where marks of the water can form which include shower doors. For such type of the larger spots, it can be very time-consuming to implement the above-given soak the towel method. Following the given procedure for the removal of water spots from larger areas can help you a lot.

Step 1:

Take a mixture of 50% water as well as 50% vinegar. Select a plastic spray bottle and fill it with the mixture.

Step 2:

After that, spray the given mixture on the glasses with water spots. A towel should be used in rubbing the mixture and in breaking down the deposits of minerals. 

Step 3:

Rinsing the glass thoroughly as well as removing excess water with a sponge. Once all is done, buff the place dry by using a certain clean cloth

Step 4:

An old toothbrush can also be used in cleaning the stubborn spots on the glasses. Vigorous brushing will remove all the spots that are dangerous for the surface of the mirrors or glasses. It will help in quick as well as effective removal of the spots. Moreover, it will aid in increasing the life span of the glasses. 

There are more tricks for keeping your glasses clean and free of watermarks. Here are some of the most effective methods to remove all types of stains. They accurately remove the stains and give an efficient look to the glasses. 

Use of methylated spirits in Glass Cleaning

Methylated spirits is effective when it comes to the matter of mirror cleaning as well as water spot removal. It is easier in using and all you have to do is to spray the methylated spirits on all of the affected areas. Then you have to wipe it clean using a clean piece of cloth. It will leave your glass windows and mirrors sparkling clean and as good as new. It offers easy and quick removal of water spots by reacting with the minerals in water and loosening up their bonds making water spot removal easier.

Pure White Vinegar

Spraying the vinegar on glass or using a soaked towel in vinegar can rub away the stains.

 Sorbo Hard Water Stain Remover

This product is perfect for glass cleaning. especially removing hard water stains on windows, this is the best product we used for commercial outdoor window cleaning.

When cleaning windows, you can scrub with a white sponge using this product and wash the window.

Ettore Water Spot Remover

Ettore water spot remover is also a known product for commercial glass cleaning. Most commercial cleaning teams in Adelaide use this product for window cleaning to removing water stains on glass when.

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How to Clean Outdoor High Rise Windows: Window cleaning service Guide 01

How to Clean Outdoor High Rise Windows in Adelaide?

It is the most important thing to clean your high-rise windows to make your flat or house look more beautiful. When all such windows are cleaned perfectly then it adds more beauty to the looks and ambience of the houses. Certain washing techniques have been invented to clean high-rise windows. The glass of such windows needs more precision in cleaning as it is exposed to dust all the time. Deep cleaning is needed so that there is no presence of any kind of dust or stains on the glass. It enhances the appearance of the windows. The glass looks glazing and its lifetime is also increased. In commercial windows cleaning, there are various methods for cleaning such high-rise windows. All you need to do is to evaluate them thoroughly and select the better one. You will have the luxuries of selecting the most appropriate window cleaning services

Here you can study more about the number of methods that are available for high-rise window cleaning. If you are living in a challenging building then there must be a more advanced method to clean the windows. Once you select a better method then it will make it easier for you to have a better cleaning of the windows. A professional window cleaning service will be required for such areas.

Water Fed Pole System

This is one of the most common methods for outdoor window cleaning, and that is the reason why it is low-cost. It aids in getting a perfect finish on high-rise windows in many types of commercial buildings.

Using the latest types of technologies, 100% pure water is seen to be applied to the surfaces with the use of force. The whole structure is designed to be stronger enough to lift the patches of dirt. It is always in mind that damaging the glass of windows should not take place. The thorough rinsing of the glass of windows takes place that helps in deep cleaning. The water-fed pole system is used in cleaning glasses like glass roofs, atriums, buildings with cladding, skylights, signage as well as canopies.

This system is seen to be quite affordable for the cleaning of high-rise windows. It helps in saving huge amounts of money. There is no use of detergents in this method and cleaning takes place without detergents. In this way, the water-fed pole system can be considered an eco-friendly method. It has nothing to do with harming the environment by any aspect.  

Another aspect that makes it more reliable is the assurance of the safety of the workers. There is no fear of any accidents as the workers are supposed to work from the ground level. They can come any day of the week and can clean the windows. There is no need to set up a huge system for cleaning the windows. There is the minimum disruption caused by hiring water fed pole system for cleaning high-rise windows. 

An advanced type of water-fed pole system can be used to clean fiver storey buildings. It is seen to be more effective in thorough glass cleaning.

What is a Telescopic Pressure Washing?

In Telescopic pressure washing wand is used that is an extender that helps you to keep your feet on the ground while makes you reach 1, 2, or 3 stories high on the building.

The majority of the wands are made with fibreglass as well as they are lightweight. They are believed to be inexpensive and can be affordable for many people. Coldwater is used in this system of washing instead of warm water. Wands that are made up of aluminium are seen to be heavier in weight. They are seen to be stronger as well as durable. Such wands are not only used by professionals but also used in commercial hot water pressure washers. 

How Does a Telescoping Wand Work?

Telescoping wands are seen to have a hose that contains a high amount of pressure. It is guided up inside the pole as well as connects at the tip. This allows you to set up the length from completely retracted to thoroughly-extended, and any place in between.

Telescoping wands tend to flex when the amount of pressure is turned on. It also tends to flex again when the pressure is turned off so you have to be at least 10 feet away from lines of power at all times

Pressure is seen to be using a telescoping extender attachment that requires a 3/8″ hose for connecting it to your pressure washer.

Benefits of a Telescoping Wand

1. Safety System: it remains safely on the ground 

2. Cleaning of second-storey surfaces 

3. Cleaning of the gutters using an attachment of hook

4. There is no need to use a ladder or having it move around

5. It has got the ability for using quick-connect tips

Call for Ivory cleaning services for any kind of Pressure cleaning work. Ivory cleaning service pressure washing team, equipped with the latest equipment and products.


Top Reasons to Hire a Professional Office Cleaning Service

It doesn’t matter if you have a small office or a large office. A clean and tidy workspace must always be your top priority. Professional office cleaning is something that you can never take for granted.

Yes, your employees can clean their respective areas. However, it can prevent them from doing their actual job and responsibilities. The good thing is that professional office cleaning services are here to the rescue! 

If you are still unconvinced, here are some of the top reasons why you need experts to handle the cleaning of your Sydney office?

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Gym Cleaning Professionals are here to protect your gym in Sydney

An industry-leading cleaning service is a mandate for Gym, Fitness Center & Health Club Cleaning. Let us discuss why? 

Hygiene is the utmost important factor to be considered and only a professional Gym cleaning service will guarantee that. You need to get all the surfaces, floor and equipment thoroughly cleaned. That is because many busy visitors to the fitness centre share these areas. If you search Gym cleaning experts in Sydney, Ivory cleaning service is at the top of the list among professional Gym Cleaning Services. We are the number one Sydney Gym Cleaners for several years in the Fitness Centre cleaning industry.

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Factory cleaning

How to select a factory cleaning/warehouse cleaning in Sydney?

Have you ever think of how to select a professional factory cleaning service or warehouse cleaning service in Sydney?

It is true that selecting a professional cleaning service is always a challenge. You can read this safe work Australia’s post on what to achieve by cleaning, if you a factory producing food. However, selecting a professional cleaning service for your factory cleaning and warehouse cleaning is more debatable and questionable. Please get expert knowledge and service to enhance the quality and wellbeing of the premises and people. Among several cheap and low-quality cleaning service providers in the market, you can’t guarantee that the company you simply pick will meet your expectations. They may damage the factory floors, machinery or warehouse surfaces. Therefore, we recommend selecting a cleaning company who has been in the industrial and warehouse cleaning for several years with a very good reputation.

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Why select Ivory Office Cleaning Services Sydney?

A 5-star rated office cleaning service in Sydney.

Our rich client base and testimonials boast the high quality, secure and reliable office cleaning service. We offer 24/7 service availability in all areas across Sydney. In fact, we guarantee high customer satisfaction. Also, we use modern cleaning tools and technologies.

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