No.  Ivory cleaning service is available in all metropolitan suburbs in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart.
Yes, Ivory cleaning commercial and industrial cleaning teams work 24/7. So our service is available after hours too.
No, our service comes with all the required equipment and products for a professional cleaning service.
Yes, Ivory cleaning service has 20 million public liability and product liability.
Ivory cleaning service tracks each and every job individually. We use the working schedule and cleaner management software to ensure cleaners complete all scheduled jobs. In that way, we never miss an appointment. Also, we check login and logout times to ensure cleaner spent enough time for each job. Also, we use this time tracking system to make sure all staff signed off at each site for staff safety purpose.
Yes, all our cleaner’s are police checked. Also, our cleaners come with ‘working with children check’ when they work in places involving children like school cleaning,  childcare centres cleaning, or kindergarten cleaning.
Yes, we have specially trained cleaners for industrial cleaning services.
Ivory cleaning service is a one-stop cleaning service providing company. We provide factory warehouse maintenance cleaning and specialized services like floor scrubbing, high-pressure cleaning, etc.