Bathroom Mould: How to fight them – House Cleaning

Bathroom Mould: How to fight them – House Cleaning

Mould is one of the most common problems at home. Mould has been living on the planet for ages before humanity and they will exist even if humanity perishes. Bathrooms become a haven for mould if certain things are not looked after properly – House Cleaning.

The environment in the bathroom with water and high humidity makes it easier for mould to build up. By taking a few precautionary measures, you can prevent mould from building up in your bathroom.

Why? Why do moulds build up?

  • Poor ventilation within the bathroom
  • Leak or plumbing issues within the bathroom
  • Wet materials such as rugs and wood

Preventing Mould

Bathrooms will be a healthy environment if they are mould free Keeping the bathroom mould-free is an easy job. Here are a few steps to follow.

Work your squeegee – House cleaning

Whenever you take a shower or do anything that might stagnate water, please spare a few minutes to remove the water using the squeegee. It will remove the water from the area keeping your bathroom and your house clean.

Invest in a Ventilation Fan

One of the most important things to keeping your house clean is reducing the air’s moisture. You can remove excess moisture by using a ventilation fan. Make sure that the fan is big enough to handle the bathroom area.

Use the fan  

Use the fan for at least 30 minutes after the shower. This makes sure that the excess moisture is removed from the bathroom and prevents any moisture buildup on the wall, ceiling and floor.

Clean the towels and toilet rugs

Towels and toilet rugs can absorb and hold water making it easier for the mould to build up. Your house cleaning Melbourne routine should include removing old towels and toilet rugs and replacing them with new ones.

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