The Spring Cleaning Checklist – Adelaide

The Spring Cleaning Checklist – Adelaide

A Spring Cleaning is a thorough cleaning regimen that you undertake in the house to make it cleaner and nicer. It is a widely known term in countries like the UK and Australia. So what is included in the spring cleaning and are there any tips to do this effectively? This blog covers it all.

As the season is changing now, the temperature is rising and it is completely normal if you would have already thought about Spring Cleaning. However, it could be hard to do with a career and children taking a big chunk of your life – House Cleaning Adelaide.

That is where our reliable cleaning services come in. We will take care of all your cleaning needs at this time while you can just sit back and relax – Spring Cleaning.

Spring Cleaning – A nightmare?

It could be daunting to even think about Spring Cleaning as you must clean the house from top to bottom. However, it is easy to tackle it if we create a checklist – house cleaning.

So, where can I find the checklist?

A general Spring Cleaning checklist has been attached here for your reference.

1.      All Areas Inside the House – Spring Cleaning

  • Cobweb Removal
  • Dust Skirting Boards/Windowsills/Door
  • Wipe Skirting Boards/Windowsills/Doors
  • Clean Accessible Light Switches/Power Points
  • Dust All Reachable Surfaces
  • Vacuum/ visible window tracks/sills
  • Window cleaning from inside
  • Clean Mirrors

2. Floors

  • Vacuum/Mop Hard Floors
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning (if needed)

3    Bathrooms

  • Scrub/Clean Bath
  • Scrub/Clean Shower
  • Scrub/Clean Sinks
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Clean Tapware and Chrome
  • Wipe Down Cupboards and interior and (exterior)
  • Clean/Disinfect Toilet

4    Kitchen

  • Clean Stovetop
  • Clean Rangehood Filters
  • Clean Underside of Rangehood
  • Clean/Wipe All Benchtops
  • Clean Splashback
  • Clean Tapware
  • Scrub/ Clean Sink
  • Clean Cupboards exterior and interior
  • Clean the Oven

5    Laundry

  • Clean Sink and tap
  • Clean Cupboard Outside and inside

6 Bedrooms

  • Clean Cupboards and Wardrobes outside and inside
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Clean any other areas as applicable

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