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    Factory and Warehouse Cleaning Services Sydney

    Factory and warehouse cleaning services Sydney require a particular approach. Those industries usually encounter with the hazardous material. Some examples are chemicals, bio-hazards material, lubricants, grease, gasoline and heavy machinery. Therefore, factory cleaning requires specialist knowledge. Furthermore, it requires good attention to detail on health and hygiene standards. 

    Moreover, a clean and organized workplace is always a critical factor in your success. That is because the poor housekeeping directly affects you. In fact, it drastically reduces your employees’ productivity and efficiency. Most importantly, it negatively affects their safety as well. Unfortunately, many workplaces report several injuries a year. Most of them are due to uncleanliness, messiness, or slippery work floors. Therefore, Factory and Warehouse Cleaning Services Sydney play a vital role in your organization. It will ensure the safety and the productivity of your employees. 

    In fact, Ivory Cleaning Services staff are experts in factory & warehouse cleaning. Therefore, we can bring you the best cleaning outcome and hygiene. We only use high-quality products and equipment. Therefore, your factory or warehouse in Sydney will have a safe environment for your staff and clients. We plan our cleaning around your busy schedule. Therefore, it will not cause any disruption to your operations. 

    Moreover, Ivory Cleaning Services complies with the health, hygiene and work safety guidelines. It will assure a risks free operation. Our professional staff get good training and experience in factory and warehouse cleaning before they attend your job.

    We take care of the following in factory & warehouse cleaning in Sydney.

    • Storage warehouses
    • Food & beverage manufacturing facilities
    • Engineering facilities
    • Electronic & electrical facilities
    • Various production facilities &
    • Properties with heavy machinery usage (build-up dirt with dust, oil, greases, etc.)
    • Clean all racking, mezzanines, floors, walls and ceilings, including machinery and high areas.

    Our cleaning services for factory & warehouse cleaning in Sydney

    • General and bespoke factory & warehouse cleaning (sweeping, scrubbing)
    • Office and common area cleaning 
    • Industrial floor general cleaning
    • Hard floor cleaning, floor polishing
    • Industrial detailed and periodic cleaning
    • Wall washing
    • Carpet cleaning (steam & shampoo cleaning)
    • High-level dusting
    • Window cleaning
    • High-pressure washing
    • Post-construction cleaning
    • Deep cleaning of washrooms and toilets

    Additionally, Ivory Cleaning Services Sydney will take care of all external areas of factories and warehouses. That includes car parks, communal areas, glazing and high risen fascia or cladding.

    How we perform factory or warehouse office & common area cleaning?

    Office and common areas of factories or warehouses usually encounter frequent visits. Therefore, you need to deep clean all the touchpoints. It will prevent any fungal, bacterial or viral infections to employees.

    We always use non-toxic cleaning material and anti-bacterial products. In addition, We thoroughly disinfect all the surfaces, touchpoints, and equipment. Also, we focus on lobby areas, dining areas, restrooms, and lockers.

    Please contact us with your inquiries. Otherwise, please check our Frequently Ask Questions.

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