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    Church and Community Centre Cleaning Sydney

    Church & Community Centre Cleaning Sydney requires good attention to detail. Besides, it needs excellent care as a place of worship is more than just a place to pray. It is also a place where people come together as a community. Church or community centres encounter a lot of frequent visits. Therefore, there is a high potential to develop fungal, bacterial or viral infections. That is why Ivory Community Centre Cleaning Sydney is the best cleaning solution for you. That is because we only employ professionals. They get the proper training they attend the job. Also, they have several years of experience in similar environments.

    Why Select Ivory Cleaning Services Sydney?

    Firstly, we always comply with each formal health, hygiene and safety guidelines. Secondly, we pay attention to community compliance when it comes to church and community centre cleaning. Thirdly, Our periodic and customised cleaning schedules will allow you to select the most appropriate cleaning plan for your premises. Furthermore, we know how important your place of worship is to your congregation. Therefore, we have created a dedicated church cleaning program. We know that those places own historical artefacts. Those artefacts require specific care and protection. Moreover, we use eco-friendly and non-toxic products to assure the health of your visitors.

    We take care of the following areas in church & community centre cleaning in Sydney.

    • Narthex to radiating chapels
    • Altar and aisles
    • High-rise walls, roofs with carvings and paintings cleaning
    • Floor and skirting boards cleaning – wooden, tiled, carpeted, terracotta, etc.
    • Residence and community centres cleaning
    • Toilets, washrooms and kitchen cleaning
    • Woodwork and metal cleaning
    • Foyers, communal areas and pews cleaning
    • Internal and external window cleaning

    How we perform wooden and sensitive areas cleaning in church & community centres?

    We pay a lot of attention when we clean wooden and other sensitive areas. Some examples are paintings, carvings, statues, murals, rugs, and carpets. Indeed, our staff get professional training. They are experts in using most appropriate cleaning tools and equipment for each area. They always carry soft brushes, low power vacuum cleaners, soft brooms and cobweb brushes. Also, they bring lint-free gloves to protect the safety of wooden and sensitive areas of your place.

    How we perform common areas cleaning of church & community centres in Sydney?

    Furthermore, we focus on common areas such as lobby areas, dining areas, restrooms and lockers in your premises. We clean all these areas thoroughly. Therefore, it will prevent any development of fungal, bacterial or viral infections. We always use eco-friendly microfiber clothing and non-toxic anti-bacterial materials. 

    Please contact us for any of your inquiries or please check our Frequently Asked Questions.

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