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    Gym, Studio & Fitness Centre Cleaning Service in Sydney

    It is important to pay good attention to Gym Cleaning Services in Sydney. That is because fresh and clean interiors bring your gym a wide attraction. Cleanliness will make your gym popular among the community. In fact, the heavy perspiration and frequent contact by many people make your gym a breeding ground for germs. It will attract viruses and parasites creating a high-risk of infections. 

    We deliver the gym cleaning services, studio cleaning services and fitness centre cleaning services. In fact, we employ well-trained professionals to maintain a high standard of care and cleanliness.  Therefore, you can make sure every visitor to your gym has the best possible experience. You get all the above benefits hiring Ivory Cleaning Services in Sydney as your cleaning caretaker.

    We cover the following fitness centre cleaning Sydney

    • Personal Training Studio Cleaning
    • Yoga Studio Cleaning
    • Traditional Gym Cleaning
    • Exercise Studio Cleaning
    • Office and Reception Area Cleaning
    • Changing Areas and Locker Cleaning
    • Shower Areas and Washroom Cleaning
    • Empty Trash Cans and Replace Trash Bags
    • Supply and Refill Consumables (soap, shower gel, shampoo, toilet paper etc.)

    Our gym cleaning services cover below tasks.

    • Regular floor vacuuming and mopping
    • Cleaning and disinfecting carpets and floor mats
    • Cleaning and disinfecting gym equipment
    • Dusting furniture and light fixtures
    • Cleaning and polishing wall mirrors and glass walls
    • Scrubbing, cleaning and disinfecting shower, walls, curtains, doors and fixtures
    • Cleaning and disinfecting toilets along with walls, doors and fixtures
    • Disinfecting all touch-points, tables, chairs, benches, doors, windows and fixtures

    Furthermore, we focus on your specific needs and deliver the maximum value for the gym cleaning price. Join us today. We are well known as the best cleaning professionals in Sydney. That is because we guarantee high-quality, secure and reliable service.

    How we perform gym equipment cleaning?

    We use eco-friendly disinfectants like Earth Choice. Also, we use microfiber clothing for fitness centre equipment cleaning. Moreover, we make sure to disinfect all workout equipment surfaces. That includes dumbbells, benches, and weight machine. Also, we do not forget the handles and seats of all machines.

    How We Perform Restroom or Locker Room Cleaning at Gym, Studio and Fitness Centres in Sydney?

    A clean and relaxing restroom is very important for a gym, studio or fitness centre. In fact, germs can easily breed and spread in the restroom area and lockers. Therefore, we deep clean those areas. In addition, we keep an eye for dust and cobwebs in the corners, vacuum floors and carpets, dust all surfaces along with all sort of glass walls and mirrors. More importantly, Ivory Cleaning Services will thoroughly clean and disinfect handles and benches, washrooms, urinals and the showers from the showerhead to floor to prevent mould, fungus development or infection outbreaks due to virus or bacteria in rest or locker rooms of every kind of gym, studio or fitness centre.

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