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    School Cleaning Services Sydney & Education Institute Cleaning Services Sydney

    School cleaning services Sydney play a major role in preventing infectious diseases in schools. In fact, the infection control measures and hygiene have become a top priority in every school across the globe. Therefore, selecting Ivory School Cleaning Services will be one of the best decisions you will make. That will ensure the top hygiene of your students and staff. In addition, we have many years of experience in education institute Cleaning Services Sydney.  In fact, the educational institutions cleaning varies from university cleaning services to pre-schools cleaning services across Sydney. Therefore, each institute needs a tailored cleaning solution for their needs.

    School Cleaning Contract Sydney

    Furthermore, we understand that each educational institute has its own unique cleaning requirements. Therefore, we work together with our clients to make the best school cleaning contract. Such a contract will ensure the best outcome for you. In fact, it will meet each of your specific requirements.

    Moreover, Ivory School Cleaning Services establish a long-term relationship with you. We certainly pay attention to your unique cleaning needs. In addition, we continuously monitor the cleanliness and hygienic condition of your facility. Therefore, we play a key role in enhancing the image of your prestigious institute. That is why we only employ well-trained and experienced school cleaning staff in Sydney. Also, that is why we are reliable and trustworthy. Plus, that is why we have 5-star reviews from our clients.

    We take care of the following tasks in schools and educational institute cleaning in Sydney.

    • General and bespoke school and educational institute cleaning (sweeping, scrubbing)
    • Office and common area cleaning
    • Hard floor cleaning and floor polishing
    • Wall washing
    • Carpet steam cleaning
    • High-rise dusting
    • Window cleaning
    • High-pressure washing
    • Post-construction cleaning
    • Deep cleaning of washrooms and toilets

    How Ivory cleaning services in Sydney perform classroom cleaning?

    Certainly, maintaining a clean and pleasant classroom is of utmost importance for a number of reasons. Firstly, a clean classroom will minimize the spread of fungal, bacterial or viral infections. Secondly, it will prevent bad odours. Thirdly, a clean classroom ensures a smooth learning experience compared to an untidy classroom.

    Moreover, we pay attention to daily cleaning tasks. That includes disinfecting surfaces and objects that are touched often. Some examples are desks, doorknobs, computer keyboards, mouses, counter-tops, and hands-on learning items. Also, we disinfect the light fixtures, washrooms, dining areas, restrooms and lockers at your school. We always use microfiber clothing. Most importantly, we use non-toxic and anti-bacterial materials for cleaning of all the surfaces. That ensures your students and staff are safe from harsh chemicals.

    Please contact us for more information. Otherwise, please check our Frequently Asked Questions.

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