Property Vacate Cleaning in Adelaide

End of Lease Cleaning/Vacate Cleaning in Adelaide is an important service in the town, believe it or not. The service is provided to the tenants who are moving out of a property when the lease ends. The tenancy act dictates that any property that is rented should be in a reasonable condition to live in. That is why a moving-out tenant is expected to do a Vacate Cleaning in Adelaide service before another tenant moves in.

So, what are the inclusions of an End of Lease Cleaning/ Property Vacate Cleaning in Adelaide? Let’s discuss that. The End of Lease Cleaning involves detailed cleaning of the house and could include areas such as the Garage and the Balcony.

A checklist for a typical end of lease cleaning is attached below – End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne.

Standard End of Lease Cleaning

1. All Areas Inside the House
1.1. Cobweb Removal
1.2. Dust Skirting Boards/Windowsills/Door
1.3. Wipe Skirting Boards/Windowsills/Doors
1.4. Clean Accessible Light Switches/Power Points
1.5. Dust All Reachable Surfaces
1.6. Window cleaning from inside
1.7. Wall spot cleaning (Maximum 15 spot wall marks only)
1.8. Clean Mirrors

2. Floors
2.1 Vacuum/Mop Hard Floors

3 Bathrooms
3.1 Scrub/Clean Bath
3.2 Scrub/Clean Shower
3.3 Scrub/Clean Sinks and Clean Mirrors
3.4 Clean Tapware and Chrome
3.5 Wipe Down Cupboards (exterior) and interior
3.6 Clean/Disinfect Toilet

4 Kitchen
4.1 Clean Stovetop
4.2 Clean Rangehood Filters
4.3 Clean oven
4.4 Clean Underside of Rangehood
4.5 Clean/Wipe All Benchtops
4.6 Clean Splashback
4.7 Clean Tapware
4.8 Scrub/ Clean Sink
4.9 Clean Cupboards exterior and interior

5 Laundry
5.1 Clean Sink and tap
5.2 Clean Cupboard Inside and Outside

6 Bedrooms
6.1 Clean Cupboards, and Wardrobes Inside and outside
6.2 Clean Mirrors

However, there are other services that could be needed. They include Internal Wall cleaning (Wall washing and marks removal), External Wall pressure cleaning or Window cleaning, External Deck or concrete area pressure washing, Blind cleaning (Blind Full cleaning/ Wet and dry wipe) and Garage Cleaning – Property vacate cleaning in Adelaide / Exit Cleaning Adelaide.

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