The best way to clean factory and warehouse in Sydney

Factory cleaning

Hiring an industrial cleaning service has become an integral part of the factory and warehouse businesses.  Such industrial cleaning services always use standard machineries, high quality chemicals and professional methodologies when performing warehouse cleaning and factory cleaning.  We, Ivory Cleaning Service, is an expert for Industrial and warehouse cleaning in Sydney CBD.

  1. Why you need a professional Factory Cleaning Service and Warehouse Cleaning Service in Sydney?

There are many benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service for your cleaning requirements. You need to analyze these benefits of factory cleaning and warehouse cleaning.

To increase the production line and business  efficiency

Usually factories and warehouses are the messy places owing to higher level of functionalities such as manufacturing and managing larger volumes of storages. When the warehouse/ factory is untidy, the daily functionalities are getting delayed and there are difficulties to find important tools which reduces the smooth process of the premises. In order to increase the productivity and efficiency,   you need to have an organized and well managed factory/ warehouse. We are here to take the responsibility of maintaining the neatness, sanitation and satisfying appearance.  

To enhance the safety

Factories and warehouses are a busy places and its staff are also work towards tight production goals. The staff is at risk when work areas are dirty, wet or slippery. Such issues introduce safety issues and hazards. We ensure the safety of your warehouse and factory premises by taking care of the professional cleaning.

To improve health and wellbeing of people

Warehouses and factories need to maintain the hygiene of the place since staff may get sick due to its dirtiness. Increase of number of sick leaves may cost you more than what you think. We are here to help you maintain the health and wellbeing of your staff.

To comply with workplace regulations

Warehouses and factories are a subject of evaluating the hygiene and safety measures by safe work Australia. They do regular examinations and audits to verify whether the place is work ready according to business regulations. You will receive huge fines if you do not comply with them. We help you adhere to lows and procedures by maintaining the health and safety of workplace.

To increase the client impressions

Clients often visit factories and warehouses for various reasons. When you hire a professional industrial cleaning service, we maintain the neat, clean and pleasing atmosphere.

  1. Why you should understand different buildings of the factory and warehouse

You need to have a clear understanding about different sections of factory and warehouse buildings since different buildings have diverse cleaning requirements and maintenance needs.

Administration building:

This consists of reception, kitchen and toilets.

Factory buildings:

This section has machineries, manufacturing plants, factory floor areas, lunch areas, shower and toilets.

Warehouse and storage:

This areas consists of large floor areas and shelves.

  1. How you develop a cleaning plan for each area of  buildings

Cleaning Administration building

Administration building requires office cleaning, toilet cleaning and kitchen cleaning since this is the area of all administration functionalities happening and visiting clients. This building needs a cleaning daily basis including dusting, vacuuming, toilet cleaning, kitchen cleaning and empting bins. In addition, periodical cleaning needs to be done for carpets and windows to maintain their decent condition. Floor scrubbing and exhaust fan cleaning also need to do as part of periodical cleaning process.

Factory Cleaning

Factory cleaning is divided into parts as 

  • Machineries/ equipment cleaning: It is necessary to do machineries and equipment cleaning daily basis by the staff or professional cleaning service.
  • Factory Floor cleaning

You should think of various factors to understand the best methods of cleaning factory floors such as manufacturing type, floor area and functions. For example: dusty floors want sweeping, oily floors need scrubbing and meat/ food processors require floor washing.

We do manual sweeping as well as machine sweeping. We do manual sweeping for small floor areas below 400 m2. While performing machine sweeping, we decide which machine is ideal for the floor based on its size and select a walk behind machine for floor areas around 2000 m2 or ride on it machine for larger floor areas.

Similarly, we use manual scrubbers and machine floor scrubbers based on the floor size. We do manual scrubbing for floors of 100 m2 or less. However, factory floors are bigger in size and many need daily scrubbing. In such situation, we use scrubbing machines based on your floor type. Moreover, the decision is taken considering the level of dirt and size too.

We do Floor washing with low pressure guns as well as high pressure guns. Food processing businesses need floor washing mostly.

  • Kitchen and Lunch areas cleaning: We perform both daily cleaning and periodical floor cleaning in detail  
  • Toilet and shower Cleaning: We do execute daily cleaning plan and in detail time to time cleaning sessions.

Warehouse Cleaning and Storage Cleaning

We perform floor area cleaning and shelves/ storage cupboards cleaning. Moreover, we do daily sweeping or scrubbing to maintain the professional cleaning.

Now, you understand the process of professional warehouse cleaning and factory cleaning. We analyze the best cleaning methods, chemicals and machineries according to manufacturing type, floor area and your daily functions. We assess how busy you are and provide tailored made solutions for your warehouse cleaning/ factory cleaning requirements. A Warehouse Cleaning Service in Sydney can only perform such a professional cleaning processes in order to fulfill your expectation. Ivory Cleaning Service is one of the best options for this as we are the Warehouse Cleaning Sydney Experts for years. Hire us and see the difference.

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