Don’ts of Professional House Cleaning

Don’ts of Professional House Cleaner: A blog around house cleaning.

Cleaning has been an important part of living. It is responsible for the way different parts of the house look like. Professional cleaners are experts in their skills that enable them to carry out their duties with utmost care. They can offer quality, fast and cheap cleaning services which are highly reliable. House Cleaning is an art, it needs the practise to achieve the results

I think there are a few work ethics that govern this area as a professional cleaner for 11 years. A professional cleaner must understand the environment and work accordingly. Here are a few tips that could help in the smooth transition in this domain.

#1 Talking on the phone while cleaning the house

Even if a professional cleaner has a lot of experience in cleaning, the clients will not be pleased with certain behaviours. One of the biggest red flags is talking on the phone while working.

Talking over the phone while working can appal the clients as they may be busy with something. The cleaner should silence the phone when he enters the work premises. Cleaners can attend to very urgent calls outside without disturbing the clients.

#2 Not covering any cuts on the body

Another important thing about a cleaner is the cleanliness and tidiness.  

The cleaners should make sure that they are presented in a clean and tidy way to the customers. Any injuries should be covered while attending to a job in the house. Moreover, clean and tidy clothing should be worn for the jobs. Work uniforms are preferred in the general setting to be more pleasing

#3 Abide by the safety precautions and cleanliness policies of the homeowner.  

Every client is different, and their needs and protocols within the house change. Getting to know it beforehand through a small chat is good in the long run to maintain a good relationship.

However, it is wise not to talk too much with the customer and not do what you are supposed to do.

Proper hygiene requires following right and wrong steps as there are many wrong ways of doing things. Some house cleaning tips bring in frugality, some teach when one should not use certain products in the house. There are other tips that relate to changing habits and points of view. A professional cleaner should know the dos and don’ts while performing his duties to make a customer happy with his work.

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