Factory Vacate Cleaning – What should I look out for?

Factory Vacate Cleaning – What should I look out for?


Factories and warehouses are the backbones of Industrial Australia. The processes carried out in these spaces help build the economy. The occupants are asked to vacate these spaces when the lease ends. They will also be asked to clean the premises so that the next tenant can comfortably settle in. So, what should you do, to make this space cleaner? We will look at this question in this article – factory vacate cleaning.

An insight into factory vacate cleaning

Depending on the process carried out in the factory, the factory environment will vary. For example, there will be grease and grime in factories that deal with car assembly and service while a different set of problems apply to a food manufacturing factory. Therefore, it is important to understand the scope of the job when it comes to factory vacate cleaning.

Usual services needed

There is a range of services that are usually applicable when it comes to factory vacate cleaning. However, it is very specific, and you should consult with a good cleaning company before deciding on the scope.

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning is one of the highly requested services when it comes to industrial spaces. Pressure cleaning uses high water pressure to remove loose paint, grime, and grease. They are used in the factory to clean the dirt mentioned above and also, to remove any fungal growth on the outside wall. However, it is a very specialized job, and only highly trained and experienced professionals should be used.

Cobble Brick Driveway Pressure Washing by Worker.


It is a process in which liquid is used to wash out unwanted pollutants from the floor. Automatic scrubbing replaces the traditional mopping and scrubbing technique. Scrubbing restores the nature and the looks of the factory floor.

Other types of cleaning

If there are other kinds of spaces within the area, like the office, carpet steam cleaning should be considered.  Moreover, general aspects of cleaning like dusting, wiping, and cobweb removal should be included as well. A good cleaning company will be able to formulate a plan in giving your factory space a good cleaning service.


When it comes to Factory Cleaning, a good cleaning company should be chosen. That is why we, at Ivory Cleaning Services, are always about meeting your needs. Watch one of our videos here about Factory Vacate Cleaning. Call us for quotations and more.

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