Industrial building washing without Boom lift

Industrial building washing is a process in which the exterior of a building is pressure washed to get rid of dirt buildup of buildup. Washing an industrial building is not an easy job. It takes several days to complete it; it can also be a very expensive process.

Before diving into the ‘How to’ process of Exterior building cleaning, we will look at the advantages of Building washing in an industrial setting.

1. Maintain everyone’s health.

The health of employees in a commercial building cleaning setting is an utmost important thing. The exterior of the building can build up/get contaminated with Dust, mold, algae, mildew, and other substances that are potential allergens and pollutants. Building washing can get rid of this, using professional, industry techniques.

2. Increase Appeal to the building

As everyone knows in any industry, the appeal to customers is very important. The first impression sets the stage for the rest of the business relationship. Exterior building washing can help you get the result!

Tall buildings need a Boom lift to get the height. However, using a boom lift will not be an option to complete the cleaning. Some reasons include,

  1. Loose soil that does not support the boom lift
  2. The cleaning budget does not allow hiring a boomlift
  3. Tilted floor that does not allow boomlift to be placed.

To overcome the limitations of these challenges, we can use a combination of pressure washing and a softwashing technique. A telescopic wand can be used to spray the chemical on the exterior of the building and then, a pressure washer is used to wash the building. A video of such process is linked here for your reference. This technique helps industrial cleaning/ exterior building washing to be more accessible in terms of both cost and other physical limitations.

If you are looking to get your industrial property washed, then contact us for an obligation-free quotation. Our cleaning experts can provide you with the right solution for your problems. Contact us now!

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