Office Cleaning: All about the toilets

Office Cleaning: All about the toilets

Office Cleaning: all about the toilets

Now, we’re not just talking about sweeping and mopping the floors here for office cleaning. We all know that a dirty office can lead to unhappy workers and general dissatisfaction in the workplace, not to mention the potential health risks. But when it comes to toilet and bathroom cleaning, finding a good cleaning company is challenging.

Maybe they don’t have reliable cleaners, maybe they overcharge, or worse than that, maybe you don’t even get an actual human being on the phone. And with uncertainty like this hanging over your head, you might not be sure whether to hire the service in the first place.

The toilet is an unsanitary word, and we often refrain from referring to them. But as mentioned above, an unsanitary toilet can lead to a bad work environment. In this blog, we will cover all the ins and outs of office cleaning.

Types of office toilet cleaning

There are two types of toilets; communal spaces in purpose-built offices and single toilets just like you find at home. You might even just find cubicles or urinals in the area – office cleaning.

However, the purpose-built large offices are easier to clean. Large offices do have urinals and without any say, they are very easy to clean. Single toilets as expected are harder to clean. The office cleaning schedule depends on the size and the frequency of office use. The cleaning frequency can go anywhere from one session per week to multiple sessions a day.

Toilet cleaning process

Toilet cleaning process in an office is very similar to household toilet cleaning. Most of the chemicals used in the process are the same except the names might be different on the label. Experienced cleaning companies have a good knowledge about them

Bleach is used for general disinfection of the toilet in the process. A toilet brush is a standard equipment and a scrub might be used in the process of cleaning.

The checklist for a general toilet cleaning is given below.

Bathroom and toilets

1.1 Sweep and mop wet areas,
1.2 Clean and disinfect toilets,
1.3 Replace toilet rolls,
1.4 Disinfect doors, light switches, and touchpoints,
1.5 Clean and disinfect sink and tapware,
1.6 Empty rubbish bins and replace bin liners,
1.7 Clean bathroom mirrors,
1.8 Scrub shower doors, walls, and floors.

If you require a reliable cleaning company for office cleaning and toilet cleaning, contact us now via email or phone.

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