Why select Ivory Office Cleaning Services Sydney?

Office cleaning services sydney

A 5-star rated office cleaning service in Sydney.

Our rich client base and testimonials boast the high quality, secure and reliable office cleaning service. We offer 24/7 service availability in all areas across Sydney. In fact, we guarantee high customer satisfaction. Also, we use modern cleaning tools and technologies.

A fully insured office cleaning service provider in Sydney.

We have obtained public liability insurance and product liability insurance from a government-regulated company. In addition, we have the work cover insurance. This provides increased security and service reliability to our clients.

The best one-stop cleaning service provider in Sydney

Ivory Cleaning Services provides a wide range of cleaning options under one roof. We offer those services at affordable rates. In addition, we offer promotional discounts for selected services. Furthermore, we undertake daily cleaning tasks as well as periodical cleaning tasks. Periodical cleaning tasks will be carried out free of charge or at a discounted rate for ongoing clients.

Approved and specifically trained office cleaning staff in Sydney

Ivory Cleaning Services appoints cleaners specialized in office cleaning. They can perform all your cleaning tasks in the best manner. Our cleaners are knowledgeable. In fact, they know the work scope, safety measures, equipment handling, security and trustworthiness. We always employ approved staff members by the government authorities. That ensures no previous illegal activity records. Furthermore, our cleaners are always competent and ready to deliver the best outcome. They can fulfil your varied cleaning requirements.

Competitive and affordable office cleaning rates

We offer competitive rates. Customer can pick the appropriate office cleaning package. In fact, you can choose the cleaning frequency and duration. Also, you can define your own priorities. Furthermore, you can even choose to use our or your own product and equipment. We are always ready to negotiate and deliver the best service. Therefore, we can always match your budget.

Effective communication

Furthermore, we value effective communication between all stakeholders. That includes the customer, cleaner, supervisor and administration staff. In addition, we have implemented several measures to deliver the best outcome. For that, we maintain an onsite logbook. Also, we conduct periodical audits.

We supervise closely 

Moreover, Ivory Cleaning Services clearly realizes the importance of close supervision. Indeed, it is essential to deliver the best quality office cleaning service. That includes Unplanned site visits by the supervisor. We use modern technologies for staff attendance tracking. Ivory uses a system to record start and end times of the cleaning tasks.

We closely monitor the progress always. Also, we ensure the quality assurance of every cleaning task. That is because we know it will ensure the customer’s satisfaction.

Hence, you can enter an office cleaning contract with Ivory Sydney. We can assure you that you will get the best price. Most importantly, you get the best service. 


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