Gym Cleaning Professionals are here to protect your gym in Sydney

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An industry-leading cleaning service is a mandate for Gym, Fitness Center & Health Club Cleaning. Let us discuss why? 

Hygiene is the utmost important factor to be considered and only a professional Gym cleaning service will guarantee that. You need to get all the surfaces, floor and equipment thoroughly cleaned. That is because many busy visitors to the fitness centre share these areas. If you search Gym cleaning experts in Sydney, Ivory cleaning service is at the top of the list among professional Gym Cleaning Services. We are the number one Sydney Gym Cleaners for several years in the Fitness Centre cleaning industry.

How we became the professional Gym Cleaning Service in Sydney?

Chemical Selection for gym cleaning

We think about many factors before accepting the job and conducting the cleaning. First, we assess the floor type, materials of gym equipment and Gym area. Then, we decide the suitability of chemicals and machines based on these factors. We use high-quality chemicals which are in different PH levels. We are not just a cleaning company, but also, we consider the responsibility of being a professional cleaning service. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and safety. Our target is you to be free from the risk of damaging the valuable gym equipment and floors. Also, we consider the assurance of the guaranteed quality and freshness of the fitness centres. Therefore, our primary task is analyzing the type of the floor and materials before applying a chemical and do the cleaning.

For example, we use “View Quick floor cleaner” for timber or laminated floorboards. However, we do not use the same chemical for rubber floors since it damages the floor by reacting with rubber. Hence, we use “Agar PH 7 Floor cleaner” for rubber floors as it is a PH neutral chemical. Similarly, we consider each and every equipment material, before selecting a chemical for the surface cleaning. If you do not use the correct chemicals, it will damage these equipment materials and put your investments at risk.  On the other hand, non-professional and low-quality service providers might use cheap chemicals that are not safe for human skin. It may damage the Gym reputation too. So, the money you save by employing the cheapest service provider will do you more expensive harm.

Machinery Selection for gym cleaning

Further, we use suitable machinery for Fitness Center Cleaning. We provide tailored-made solutions for your cleaning requirement. One such example is, we use Polivac Swing buff for scrubbing high traffic hard floors. However, we recommend using the correct brush head. Use of the wrong brush head may damage the floor. Additionally, we consider so many other factors such as the toughness of the floor and size of the mat. But, we do not do swing buffing for small rubber tiling areas which have too many connecting points. Similarly, walk behind scrubbers are used for Gym & Health Club Cleaning in order to maintain the Gym floor properly.

We assure you that we select only the best and suitable cleaning machines according to the floor type and area of the Fitness Gym. Though the electric code scrubber is suitable for small gym areas, we cannot use it for larger floor areas. When cleaning large areas of the Gym and fitness centre floors, the rechargeable scrubber is a necessity. Selecting a correct head type is also a considerable factor here. For example, the cylindrical brush is an ideal solution for rubber floor cleaning. Another important point is to use the correct down pressure while doing GYM cleaning.


From all the explanations, you may understand how we become the number one Gym Cleaning Service in Sydney. We pay thorough attention to detail and do our research before giving you a quotation and jumping into service. Our services are always customer-centric, satisfaction guaranteed and trustworthy. So, you can rest assured you not only get a sparkling place but also protect your expensive property.

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